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Core Faculty

Alexis R. Abramson

Dean and Professor of Engineering

Building energy efficiency; data analytics applied to energy applications; nanoscale energy transport; thermal, electrical and thermoelectric properties of nanostructures, nanocomposites and biological materials; interfacial thermal resistance effects; coupled mechanical and thermal phenomena; computational modeling of heat transfer; MEMS and nanostructure synthesis and fabrication; thermal management of electronics and solar cells, including specialized devices; electrohydrodynamics and heat transfer

Margie Ackerman

Professor of Engineering

Protein engineering; biotherapeutics; vaccine technology; engineering immune responses

Mary R. Albert

Professor of Engineering
Executive Director, US Ice Drilling Program

Climate adaptation; Arctic engineering; ice cores and climate; glaciology 

Ian Baker

Sherman Fairchild Professor of Engineering
Senior Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs

Materials for energy systems; mechanical behavior; phase tranformations; electron microscopy; x-ray topography; x-ray diffraction; microstructure and mechanical behavior of snow, firn, and ice; magnetic materials; intermetallic compounds; high entropy alloys; high temperature materials; nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia; biomaterials

Petra Bonfert-Taylor

Professor of Engineering
Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Complex analysis; geometric function theory; discrete groups; complex dynamics; mathematics of medical imaging

Petr Brůža

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Optics in medicine, biomedical imaging to guide cancer therapy; dose imaging in radiation therapy; Cherenkov light imaging

Zi Chen

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Mechanical instabilities of thin structures; origami structures; energy harvesting devices; stretchable electronics; biomimetic materials/devices; nanofabrication; mechanics of morphogenesis; cell biomechanics; mechanics of DNA structures​

Benoit Cushman-Roisin

Professor of Engineering

Environmental transport processes; environmental fluid mechanics; industrial ecology; sustainable design; energy efficiency

George Cybenko

Dorothy and Walter Gramm Professor of Engineering

Information systems and theory

Scott C. Davis

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Engineering in medicine; cancer diagnostics and treatment; biomedical optics; multi-modal medical imaging; molecular imaging; fluorescence molecular tomography; fluorescence guided surgery; photodynamic therapy

Solomon G. Diamond

Associate Professor of Engineering
Director, Cook Engineering Design Center

Biomedical imaging; functional neuroimaging; magnetic nanoparticle imaging

Amro M. Farid

Associate Professor of Engineering
Research Affiliate, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Intelligent energy systems; sustainability, resilience, and reconfigurability; integrated control, automation, and information technology; smart power grids; energy-water nexus; transportation electrification systems; industrial energy management & demand response

Eric R. Fossum

John H. Krehbiel Sr. Professor for Emerging Technologies
Director, PhD Innovation Program
Associate Provost, Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer (OETT)

Solid-state image sensors (CCDs, CMOS active pixel sensors, Quanta Image Sensors); advanced imaging systems; on-chip image processing; new applications for image sensors

Harold J. Frost

Associate Professor of Engineering

Materials science; modeling of microstructural evolution; deformation and fracture at high temperatures

Tillman U. Gerngross

Professor of Engineering

Protein engineering; glycoprotein engineering; high cell density fermentation technology; metabolic engineering; protein expression

Karl Griswold

Associate Professor of Engineering

Protein engineering; directed evolution; biotherapeutics; applied biocatalysis; high throughput screening

Ryan Halter

Associate Professor of Engineering
Adjunct Associate Professor of Surgery, Geisel School of Medicine

Biomedical instrumentation; electrical impedance tomography and spectroscopy; medical imaging; tissue bioimpedance; cancer detection technologies; traumatic brain injury; medical robotics

Eric W. Hansen

Associate Professor of Engineering
Director, Dual Degree Program

Signal and image processing; digital system design; optics

Geoffroy Hautier

Hodgson Family Associate Professor of Engineering

Computational materials design; ab initio computing; high-throughput computing; machine learning; opto-electronic properties of materials; materials for energy production and storage; transparent conducting oxides; thermoelectrics; photovoltaics; high entropy alloys

Joseph J. Helble

Professor of Engineering
Provost, Dartmouth College

Environmental impacts of fossil energy utilization with emphasis on mercury; particulate matter; air pollution control; CO2 capture; combustion-derived pollution

Shudong Jiang

Professor of Engineering

Optical spectroscopy and imaging systems for biomedical applications

Eugene Korsunskiy

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Design thinking; human-centered design; creative confidence; hands-on learning

Mark Laser

Associate Professor of Engineering

Biomass conversion; sustainable energy and development; process design and evaluation; integrated food and energy systems; life cycle assessment

Ronald C. Lasky

Professor of Engineering
Senior Technologist, Indium Corporation, Clinton, NY

Process optimization; designed experiments; statistical analysis; electronic assembly; Lean Six Sigma; electronic and optoelectronic packaging; materials science; environmental compliance for electronics; electronic assembly with lead-free solders

Jiwon Lee

Ralph and Marjorie Crump Assistant Professor of Engineering

Antibody repertoire profiling; systems immunology; protein engineering; vaccine designs

Christopher G. Levey

Associate Professor of Engineering
Director, Microengineering Laboratory
Director, Instructional Laboratories
Adjunct Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Microfabrication technology; micro-optical systems and binary optics; micromechanical and electromechanical systems (MEMS); microrobotics

Weiyang (Fiona) Li

William P. Harris Career Development Assistant Professor of Engineering

Energy materials; functional nanomaterials design and synthesis; structure-property correlations; electrochemical engineering; energy storage and conversion devices; batteries, fuel cells, and clean/renewable energy; electrocatalysis

Yan Li

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Multiscale modeling; fracture/fatigue analysis; process-microstructure-property-performance relation; data-driven material design

Jifeng Liu

Associate Professor of Engineering

Optoelectronic materials and devices; integrated nanophotonics for energy-efficient Information Technologies (Green IT); Nanomaterials and nanostructures for solar cells and thermophotovoltaic cells; Infrared and ultraviolet optical sensors

Geoffrey P. Luke

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Ultrasound imaging; photoacoustic imaging; bionanotechnology; cancer diagnostics and therapy; molecular imaging

Lee Rybeck Lynd

Paul E. and Joan H. Queneau Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Area Coordinator, Energy Engineering
Director, Grand Challenges Scholars Program
Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Enchi Corporation
Consolidated Bioprocessing Team Leader, DOE Center for Bioenergy Innovation
Executive Committee Chair, Global Sustainable Bioenergy Initiative

Microbial cellulose utilization; metabolic engineering; innovative biomass processing technologies; sustainable bioenergy futures

Vicki V. May

Professor of Engineering

Engineering education; inquiry-based learning; student-centered learning; K-12 and outreach activities; creativity; seismic engineering

Matthew McGarry

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Numerical methods; inverse problems; elastography; soft tissue imaging

Paul M. Meaney

Professor of Engineering

Microwave imaging ultrasound computed tomography for biomedical applications; microwave antenna design; thermal modeling and system design for focused ultrasound surgery applications

Colin R. Meyer

Assistant Professor of Engineering
Academic Cluster: Arctic Engineering in a Period of Climate Change

Fluid dynamics; snow and ice mechanics; glaciology; icy satellites; applied mathematics

Sohail K. Mirza

Professor of Engineering

Spinal biomechanics and surgery

Elizabeth L. Murnane

Charles H. Gaut & Charles A. Norberg Assistant Professor of Engineering

Human-centered design, human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, personal informatics, social computing

Ethan K. Murphy

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Electrical impedance tomography; data fusion; finite element method (FEM) modeling; noise/data filtering; general numerical methods; magnetic resonance electrical property tomography; electroencephalogram (EEG) source localization

Kofi M. Odame

Associate Professor of Engineering

Analog integrated circuits; low power sensor interfaces; nonlinear signal processing

Daniel Olson

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Metabolic engineering; cellulosic biofuel; metabolic flux analysis; genome resequencing analysis

Geoffrey G. Parker

Professor of Engineering
Director, Master of Engineering Management Program

Data analytics; platform economics & strategy; intellectual property; core operations; product innovation & development; outsourcing & supply chain strategy; energy economics, policy, strategy, innovation, market structure & performance

Keith D. Paulsen

Robert A. Pritzker Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Professor of Radiology & Surgery, Geisel School of Medicine
Scientific Director, Center for Surgical Innovation, Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Co-Director, Translational Engineering in Cancer Research Program, Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Biomedical engineering; numerical methods in electromagnetics; cancer therapeutics; medical imaging methodologies; bioelectromagnetics

Donald K. Perovich

Professor of Engineering

Sea ice geophysics; the interaction of sunlight with ice and snow; the Arctic system and climate change

Minh Q. Phan

Associate Professor of Engineering

System identification; iterative learning control; model predictive control; control of robotic swarms; intelligent control; adaptive control

Brian W. Pogue

MacLean Professor of Engineering
Professor of Surgery, Geisel School of Medicine
Co-Director, Translational Engineering in Cancer Research Program, Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Optics in medicine, biomedical imaging to guide cancer therapy; molecular guided surgery; dose imaging in radiation therapy; Cherenkov light imaging; image guided spectroscopy of cancer; photodynamic therapy; modeling of tumor pathophysiology and contrast

Laura Ray

Professor of Engineering
Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Development

System dynamics and controls; robotics; signal processing; machine intelligence

Peter J. Robbie

Associate Professor of Engineering

Product design; human-centered design; cognitive strategies and methodologies for creative design practice

Kimberley S. Samkoe

Associate Professor of Engineering

Quantitative fluorescence molecular imaging; fluorescence guided surgery; biomedical systems engineering; biological models of cancer; cancer diagnostics and therapeutic monitoring; optics in medicine; photodynamic therapy

Eugene Santos Jr.

Professor of Engineering

Nonlinear decision-making; innovative reasoning; emergent behavior; probabilistic reasoning; adversarial modeling; intent inferencing; user modeling; information retrieval; evolutionary computation; socio-cultural modeling; intelligent systems; artificial intelligence

Rahul Sarpeshkar

Thomas E. Kurtz Professor
Professor of Engineering
Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Professor of Physics
Professor of Molecular & Systems Biology
Chair, Neukom Cluster of Computational Science

​Office: Vail 507A, Geisel School of Medicine

Analog synthetic biology; biological and bio-inspired super-computing chip design; quantum circuit design, quantum computation, and hybrid quantum-classical computation; feedback control systems; medical devices; ultra-low-power, fault tolerant, and ultra-energy-efficient systems; engineering systems that operate at the fundamental limits of physics

William Scheideler

Assistant Professor of Engineering

3D nanomanufacturing; low-power sensors; flexible and wearable electronics; energy harvesting; wireless devices

Erland M. Schulson

George Austin Colligan Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Director, Ice Research Laboratory

Flow and fracture of ice; mechanical behavior of metals and alloys; physical metallurgy and materials science

Simon G. Shepherd

Associate Professor of Engineering

HF radar development; ionospheric plasma convection and physics; solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere coupling; space weather and climatology

Fridon Shubitidze

Associate Professor of Engineering

Numerical methods in computational electromagnetics; electromagnetic sensing methodologies; detection and discrimination of sub-surface objects; linear and non-linear inverse-scattering; induced geo-electromagnetic fields; micro strip antennas; photonic band gaps; near field optics; DNA sequencing; electrostatic discharge; magnetic nano-particles hyperthermia for cancer treatment and imaging

Jason T. Stauth

Associate Professor of Engineering

High-frequency and chip-scale power electronics; photovoltaic and electrochemical system management; sensor interfaces and energy scavenging; integrated circuit design (analog/mixed signal, RF, power, and embedded applications); communications electronics; technology entrepreneurship

Charles R. Sullivan

Professor of Engineering

Power electronics; electromagnetic design of power electronics components; micro-fabricated magnetic components; nanocomposite magnetic materials; energy efficiency and renewable energy

Stephen Taylor

Professor of Engineering

Information operations, distributed computing and systems, computer and network security, embedded systems, surveillance technologies

B. Stuart Trembly

Associate Professor of Engineering

Therapeutic heating of tissue; dielectric properties of tissue; biomedical engineering; antenna theory

Douglas W. Van Citters

Associate Professor of Engineering
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education

Musculoskeletal Research, including: orthopaedic failure analysis and design; wear of polymers; polymer processing; biomaterials; biomechanics; implantable and wearable technology; surgical device design

Vikrant Vaze

Stata Family Career Development Associate Professor of Engineering
Research Affiliate, Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT

Logistics and transportation; aviation; healthcare analytics; healthcare systems modeling; building energy analytics; systems optimization; game theory; data-driven and statistical modeling

John X.J. Zhang

Professor of Engineering
Program Director, Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems (ECCS), NSF

Miniature imaging and biosensing systems; bio-inspired nanomaterials; lab-on-chip design; advanced nanofabrication technologies; multi-scale modeling of fundamental force, flow, and energy processes in biological interactions