2024 Investiture Information

Jason Amaral

Visiting Instructor


Jason Amaral is a leader in product development and operations with over 25 years as an executive and consultant developing complex, highly engineered systems. Jason has led teams that have successfully launched products, transformed capabilities, and scaled businesses across a variety of industries including high-technology, consumer electronics, medical devices, and aerospace and defense. His passion is working with diverse groups to harmonize insights and take confident actions to deliver exceptional results.

Research Interests

Technology development and commercialization; innovation and R&D management; project and program management; outsourcing and offshoring; supply chain management; operations research; platform strategy; business strategy; transformation and change management


BS, Ceramic Engineering, Alfred University 1992
SM, Technology and Policy, MIT 1994

Selected Publications

  • The Future of Home Healthcare, BI&T, 2018, with Mary Weick-Brady
  • Synchronizing Disjointed Elements in the Nonclinical Settings, BI&T, 2016, with Mary Weick-Brady
  • Putting It Together: How to Succeed in Distributed Product Development, MIT Sloan Management Review, 2011, with Edward G. Anderson Jr. and Geoffrey G. Parker
  • HP Transforms Product Portfolio Management with Operations Research, INFORMS Edelman Award Winner, Interfaces, 40(1), 2010, with Ward, Zhang, Jain, Fry, Olavson, Mishal, Beyer, Brecht, Cargille, Chadinha, Chou, DeNyse, Feng, Padovani, Raj, Sunderbruch, Tarjan, Venkatraman, Woods, and Zhous
  • How to Win "Spend" and Influence Partners: Lessons in Behavioral Operations from the Outsourcing Game, Production & Operations Management, 18(6), 2009, with Andy A. Tsay
  • Prevent Disasters in Design Outsourcing, Harvard Business Review, 2008, with Geoffrey Parker
  • Analyzing Supply Chains at HP Using Spreadsheet Models, Interfaces, 38(4), 2008, with Dorothea Kuettner
  • Safeguarding the Promise of Production Outsourcing, Interfaces, 36(3), 2006, with Corey A. Billington and Andy A. Tsay
  • How “Rough-Cut” Analysis Smoothes HP’s Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management Review, 9(6), 2005, with Brian Cargille
  • Outsourcing Production without Losing Control, Supply Chain Management Review, 8(8), 2004, with Corey A. Billington and Andy A. Tsay