2024 Investiture Information

Emily Asenath-Smith

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Engineering

Research Materials Engineer, CRREL


My research interests are firmly grounded in the fundamentals of materials science—the structure-property-processing relationships of materials. Woven throughout these research topics is the common goal of identifying the fundamental variables that connect laboratory scale experiments to macroscale implementation of technologies, so that the research performed by my team can directly benefit the US Army and the security of the Nation.

Research Interests

Ice adhesion; surfaces and interfaces in materials; mechanisms of thermal transport in crystalline materials; crystallization of ice and inorganic compounds from aqueous media; energy transfer processes in crystalline materials; bioinspired composite and hierarchical materials; strategic manipulation of material properties with solutes and impurities


  • AB, Chemistry, Mount Holyoke College 2008
  • MS, Ceramic Engineering, Alfred University 2010
  • PhD, Cornell University 2015

Professional Activities

  • Member, American Chemical Society, Division of Environmental Chemistry, 2008–present
  • Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 2008–2011
  • IGERT Traineeship in Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Future, National Science Foundation, 2011–2014

Selected Publications

  • Lever, J.H.; Asenath-Smith, E.; Taylor, S. Lines, A.P., "Assessing the Mechanisms Thought to Govern Ice and Snow Friction and Their Interplay with Substrates Brittle Behavior," Frontiers in Mech. Eng 2021, 7, 57.
  • Asenath-Smith, E.; Ambrogi, E. K.; Barnes, E.; Brame, J. A., "Colloidal Suspensions of Fe2O3 through Synergistic Reactive Oxygen Species Interactions," Colloids Surf. A 2020, 603, 125179.
  • Asenath-Smith, E.; Hoch, G.R; Erb, C.T., "Adhesion of Freshwater Columnar Ice to Material Surfaces by Crystallization from the Melt," J Crystal Growth 2020 535, 12563.
  • O'Connor, D.T.; West, B.; Haehnel, R.B.; Asenath-Smith, E.; Cole, D., "A Viscoelastic Integral Formulation and Numerical Implementation of an Isotropic Constitutive Model of Saline Ice." Cold Regions Sci.Technol. 2020, 171, 102983.
  • Asenath-Smith, E.; Ambrogi, E.K.; Moores, L.C.; Newman, S.; Brame, J.A., "Leveraging Chemical Actinometry and Optical Radiometry to Reduce Uncertainty in Photochemical Research"J. Photochem. Photobiol. A 2018, 372, 279–287.
  • Asenath-Smith, E.; Hovden, R.; Uhl, A.M.; DiCorato, A.; Noble, J.M.; Kim, Y.Y.; Kourkoutis, L.F.; Meldrum, F.C.; Estroff, L.A., "Composite Mesoscale Architectures Formed by Bio-inspired Growth in Confinement: Cuprite (Cu2O) Rods with Incorporated Au Nanoparticle Arrays," Chem. Mater. 2017, 29, 555–563.
  • DiCorato, A.E.; Asenath-Smith, E.; Kulak, A.N.; Meldrum, F.C.; Estroff, L.A., "Facilitating the interaction Between Copper (I) Oxide and Gold Nanoparticles Through Crystallization in Confinement," Crystal Growth & Des. 2016, 16, 6804–6811.
  • Asenath-Smith, E.; Hovden, R.; Kourkourtis, L.F.; Estroff, L.A., "Hierarchically-Structured Hematite Architectures Achieved by Growth in a Silica Hydrogel," J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 2015,137, 5184–5192.
  • Asenath-Smith, E.; Estroff, L.A., "Sectioning of Individual Hematite Pseudocubes with Focused Ion Beam Enables Quantitative Structural Characterization at Nanometer Length Scales," Microsc. Microanal. 2014, 20, 635–644.
  • Sai, H.; Wee Tan, K.; Hur, K; Asenath-Smith, E.; Hovden, R.; Jiang, Y.; Riccio, M.; Muller, D.; Elser, V.; Estroff, L.A.; Gruner, S.M.; Wiesner, U., "Hierarchical porous polymer scaffolds from block copolymers," Science 2013, 341, 530–534.
  • Asenath-Smith, E.; Li, H.Y.; Keene, E.C.; Seh, Z.; and Estroff, L.A., "Crystal Growth in Hydrogels as a Model for Biomineralization," Adv. Funct. Mater. 2012, 22, 2891–2914.
  • Asenath-Smith, E.; Chen, W., "How to Prevent the Loss of Surface Functionality Derived from Aminosilanes," Langmuir 2008, 21, 12405–12409.


  • Multi-spectral photocatalytic compounds | 11,298,689