After years of work on his polar ice observation buoys, PhD Innovation Program student Cameron Planck watched all his prototypes fail. Persevering through a complete redesign, he is now president of his own company, Cryosphere Innovation, LLC.

Engineering Entrepreneurship

Dartmouth convenes the brightest minds from a range of disciplines to take on today’s toughest challenges. Faculty, students, and research partners confront engineering problems with an entrepreneurial spirit, developing technologies and processes that lead to patents and entrepreneurial ventures.


Faculty Entrepreneurs

More than half of Dartmouth Engineering faculty have founded start-up companies.


Faculty & Student Patents

US patents issued to Dartmouth Engineering faculty and students for original work.


Alumni Start-Ups

Dartmouth Engineering's rank among top universities for venture-backed alumni start-ups per capita.

Paving a Path to Innovation

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From Inventor to Entrepreneur

Engineering innovation at Dartmouth has produced groundbreaking advances from health-care technologies to green energy to autonomous arctic robots. With the help of experienced faculty entrepreneurs and extensive Dartmouth resources, faculty, alumni, and students have turned their ideas into vital and successful companies. And Dartmouth offers the nation's first engineering PhD Innovation Program meant to provide graduates with the entrepreneurial training they need to turn research discoveries into marketable applied technologies.

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From the Laboratory to the World

At Dartmouth, where half the tenure-track faculty have started companies, these members of the new-venture community provide students with insights into real-world applications of engineering, including the business challenges associated with entrepreneurship. And no matter their individual experience, all share a collective belief: that in the process of bringing innovations to market, they have become better engineers.

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Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship

With an expanding network of alumni, students, and faculty aspiring to launch business ventures and social enterprises, Dartmouth established a Center for Entrepreneurship with a gift from Allison and Rick Magnuson '79. Serving as a hub for anyone connected to Dartmouth, the Center is housed in the Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center.

Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Resources

Office of Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer

Led by Professor of Engineering & Associate Provost Eric Fossum, The Office of Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer (OETT) oversees the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship and technology transfer-related activities for students, faculty, and alumni, and serves as a resource for the Dartmouth community in the areas of entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and technology commercialization to promote a culture of entrepreneurship, help streamline activities, and tap new opportunities.

Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship

The Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship works to provide entrepreneurial education and experiences, funding opportunities, and connection to Dartmouth's extensive alumni network. The Center fosters diversity of new venture ideas around campus and facilitates the placement of students in internship positions.

Dartmouth Technology Transfer Office

The Dartmouth Technology Transfer Office (TTO) works with Dartmouth inventors to acquire patents and licensing. They also offer information and advice on industry-sponsored research agreements, material transfer agreements, State business assistance programs, and other issues concerning academic collaborations with industry.

Dartmouth Regional Technology Center

The Dartmouth Regional Technology Center (DRTC) is a nonprofit business incubator that offers assistance for entrepreneurs in refining business plans and identifying sources of investment and expertise.

Tuck School of Business

Tuck School of Business offers a two-year program leading to the MBA, and Tuck School professors teach the business courses that are part of Thayer School's Masters in Engineering Management program. Tuck also offers an array of executive education and other non-degree programs, such as the Tuck Business Bridge Program® for undergraduates.

Glassman/McNamee Center for Digital Strategies

Tuck School's Glassman/McNamee Center for Digital Strategies conducts research on information technology business strategy and processes. It also convenes roundtables and brings digital strategies into the classroom through case development and experiential learning.

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