Student Support Services

The road to a graduate degree can present new and sometimes unexpected challenges. Dartmouth's culture of cooperation and support fosters a variety of resources available to engineering students.

Wellness Policies & Resources

We are committed to helping students make the most of their time at Dartmouth and beyond. Below are resources available to all students for support along the way.

Thayer-Specific Resources

  1. Get assistance in navigating academic accommodations related to disability, illness, or other personal issues
  2. Request time away for medical reasons
  3. Discuss challenging advisor/advisee relationships including resolution options and resources
  4. Address concerns with regard to Thayer being a safe, inclusive and productive environment for all students
  5. Identify resources for co-curricular and community building initiatives including hosting events and starting new clubs

Financial Resources

In addition to Thayer Financial Aid fellowships, scholarships and research assistantships, the following funding resources are available to graduate engineering students:

Thayer Barrier Removal Fund

This limited fund is reserved for extraordinary circumstances that fall outside of the typical Cost of Attendance such as emergency travel, medical co-payments or personal needs, or educational needs not covered by financial aid. The fund is primarily available to PhD students with high financial need as well as scholarship-eligible master's students who may receive one disbursement, generally not more than $600, per academic year. (BE students should contact the Dartmouth Financial Aid office for this funding.) All requests will be kept confidential.


Mental Health Counseling Fund

The Devens Fund helps students cover costs associated with mental health counseling. Contact the Dartmouth Counseling Office for more information.

Thayer Emergency Loans

Short-term, interest-free loans are available for emergency needs of Thayer students. For more information, contact Isabella Kosakul in the Finance Office (Cummings 135).

Federal Loans

For costs such as room, board, or medical expenses, federal loans are available to US citizens and permanent residents at the graduate level provided they are enrolled at least half-time and making satisfactory academic progress in a degree program.

Conference Travel Funds

  • Thayer Conference Travel (PhD) — $1,000

Upon promotion to PhD candidacy, students are eligible to request up to $1,000 to attend a focused engineering conference in their field of thesis research. The student does not need to be presenting research results at the meeting to be eligible. To apply, submit a written request to the PhD program director within one year of advancement to candidacy. For more information refer to the "Conference Travel for PhD Candidates" section of the Student Handbook.


Questions? Contact Holly Wilkinson, Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs at or +1 (603) 646-3483