2024 Investiture Information

Marthony Robins

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Engineering

Assistant Professor of Radiology, DHMC

Research Interests

AI/ML; 3D printing; phantom development; photon-counting CT; quantitative CT


  • BS, Physics, Mississippi State University 2012
  • PhD, Medical Physics, Duke University 2018


  • ACR Richard L. Morin Fellow, 2020
  • James T. Dobbins III Leadership Award, 2017
  • QIBA Appreciation Award, 2017
  • The Royal Society of London Award, 2016
  • Duke Medical Physics Director's Award for Exemplary Service, 2016

Professional Activities

  • Member, AAPM, ACR, RSNA

Selected Publications

  • Robins M, Solomon J, Hurwitz-Koweek L, Christensen J, Samei E. Lesion simulations in clinical CT data for anonymized chest and abdominal CT databases. Medical Physics. 2019 Apr;46(4):1931-7.
  • Robins M, Solomon J, Hoye J, Abadi E, Marin D, Samei E. Systematic analysis of bias and variability of texture measurements in Computed Tomography. Journal of Medical Imaging. 2019 Jul;6(3):033503.
  • Robins M, Solomon J, Hoye J, Smith T, Zheng Y, Ebner L, Choudhury KR, Samei E. Interchangeability between real and three-dimensional simulated lung tumors in computed tomography: an interalgorithm volumetry study. Journal of Medical Imaging. 2018 Sep;5(3):035504.
  • Robins M, Kalpathy-Cramer J, Obuchowski NA, Buckler A, Athelogou M, Jarecha R, Petrick N, Pezeshk A, Sahiner B, Samei E. Evaluation of Simulated Lesions as Surrogates to Clinical Lesions for Thoracic CT Volumetry: The Results of an International Challenge. Academic Radiology. 2018 Sep 12.
  • Robins M, Solomon J, Richards T, Samei E. 3D task‐transfer function representation of the signal transfer properties of low‐contrast lesions in FBP‐and iterative‐reconstructed CT. Medical Physics. 2018 Sep 19.
  • Robins M, Solomon J, Sahbaee P, Sedlmair M, Choudhury KR, Pezeshk A, Sahiner B, Samei E. Techniques for virtual lung nodule insertion: volumetric and morphometric comparison of projection-based and image-based methods for quantitative CT. Physics in Medicine & Biology. 2017 Aug 22;62(18):7280.
  • Samei E, Robins M, Chen B, Agasthya G. Estimability index for volume quantification of homogeneous spherical lesions in computed tomography. Journal of Medical Imaging. 2017 Dec;5(3):031404.
  • Chen B, Barnhart H, Richard S, Robins M, Colsher J, Samei E. Volumetric quantification of lung nodules in CT with iterative reconstruction (ASiR and MBIR). Medical Physics. 2013 Nov 1;40(11).