Jason Stauth headshot

Jason T. Stauth

Associate Professor of Engineering


  • BA, Physics, Colby College 1999
  • BE, Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth 2000
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, UC Berkeley 2006
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, UC Berkeley 2008

Research Interests

High-frequency and chip-scale power electronics; photovoltaic and electrochemical system management; sensor interfaces and energy scavenging; integrated circuit design (analog/mixed signal, RF, power, and embedded applications); communications electronics; technology entrepreneurship

Selected Publications


  • ENGS 125: Power Electronics and Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  • ENGS 61: Intermediate Electrical Circuits
  • ENGS 32: Electronics: Introduction to Linear and Digital Circuits


  • Systems and methods for characterizing impedance of an energy storage device | 10,393,818


Seminar: Small-Scale Electronics for Large-Scale Energy

Dartmouth Undergrads in the Lab: Solar Panel Efficiency