2024 Investiture Information

Jay C. Buckey Jr.

Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Professor of Medicine, Geisel School of Medicine

Research Interests

Bubble detection and sizing; smart medical systems; hearing assessment; aerospace medicine; undersea and hyperbaric medicine; technology and energy policy; motion sickness


  • BSEE, Cornell University 1977
  • MD, Cornell University 1981

Selected Publications

  • Bollinger, B.R., Wilbur J.C., Donoghue T.G., Phillips S.D., Knaus D.A., Magari P.J., Alvarenga D.L., Buckey J.C. Dual-frequency ultrasound detection of stationary microbubbles in tissue. Undersea Hyperbaric Medicine, 36(2), 127-36, 2009.
  • Buckey J.C., Alvarenga D.L., MacKenzie T.A. Chlorpheniramine and ephedrine in combination for motion sickness. J. Vestib Res. 17(5-6): 301-11, 2007.
  • Carter, J.A., Buckey, J.C., Greenhalgh, L., Holland, A.W., Hegel, M.T. An interactive media program for managing psychosocial problems on long-duration spaceflights. Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine (Medline Abstract)
  • Buckey, J.C., Knaus, D.A., Alvarenga, D.L., Kenton, M.A., Magari, P.J. Dual-frequency ultrasound for detecting and sizing bubbles. Acta Astronautica (Medline Abstract)
  • Buckey, J.C., Alvarenga, D.L., Cole, B., Rigas, J.R. Chlorpheniramine for motion sickness. Journal of Vestibular Research (Medline Abstract)


Seminar: A Scientist in Politics