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About Dartmouth Engineering

Innovative. Bold. Collaborative. Personal. Inclusive. Impactful. 

We prepare the next generation of leaders to solve problems through engineering thinking, research, and innovation with human-centered impact.

Located in Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth founded one of the first engineering schools in the country. We offer an engineering sciences education with a hands-on systems-based approach unencumbered by departmental divisions. Research is application-focused and entrepreneurship is encouraged.



Total of BE and graduate engineering degrees awarded in 2020.



Percentage female undergraduate engineering majors in 2020. (National average = 19%)



More than half of tenure-track faculty have founded start-ups.

The Dartmouth Difference

“Thayer was a good influence. I was able to transition from mechanical to electrical engineering and from control system design to signal processing, image processing, and video compression. And now I've moved into management and leadership.”

—Jian Lu Th’93, President, LinkedIn China

Engineering a Better World

Where might your education lead you? What new passions will you develop? At Dartmouth you'll join a community united behind one mission: to make a difference in the world. While you gain problem-solving skills in classrooms, workshops, and labs, you'll have the freedom to follow your interests, supported by friends and mentors and a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Breadth and Depth

Dartmouth alumnus and School founder Sylvanus Thayer believed that engineering in the context of a broad education provides the best preparation for meeting the world's toughest challenges.

You'll learn to tackle both focused and multidisciplinary problems with a human-centered engineering approach. And you'll understand the importance of design and design-thinking for improving how humans interact with technology and creating products that fit human needs.

Experiential Learning

The best way to learn engineering is to do engineering. You'll build things right from the start with a vast array of equipment and facilities open to you, and our faculty and staff standing by to help.

You'll also experience the full creative process—from problem statement to design and testing to final prototype—and practice your communication and teamwork skills along the way.

Healthy Environment

Need a forest bath, some time on or in the water, or an afternoon on the slopes to clear your head? We are a top-tier school in a top-tier location. Research clearly shows that "green" is good for the brain:

"Numerous recent studies have focused on the positive effects that exposure to trees and nature has on our mental health." —Scientific American

"Researchers have found that looking at natural landscapes makes people more forward-thinking in their decision-making." —Discover Magazine

"There are multiple aspects to getting any initiative or project moving forward. You've got your financial aspects, legal aspects, ethical aspects, as well as the collaborative work across multiple disciplines—including multiple disciplines within the engineering field."

—Phoebe Suina ’98 Th’99 Th’01, Environmental Engineer & Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Innovation can only make a difference if people can access it. The human-centered impact of our programs and labs depends on robust support and resources for technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

Our focus on translational research is further enhanced by policies that facilitate patent development as well as the nation’s first PhD Innovation Program providing engineers with the knowledge and training to transform research into a new enterprise.