Dartmouth's Thayer School is advancing innovation in three research focus areas that crosscut traditional engineering disciplines and address critical human needs:

Engineering in Medicine

Engineering in medicine plays a crucial role in today's healthcare system. Advances depend not only on clinical expertise, but also on those trained in technological innovation.

Energy Technologies

Energy technologies are essential to the future stability of human society. Ongoing research covers a wide range of topics — from cellulosic ethanol to power electronics optimization.

Complex Systems

Complex systems permeate technology in the 21st century. The goal is to analyze and design complex systems so that their behavior can be predicted and controlled.

The Disciplines

Current projects address these focus areas and/or involve one or more of the following engineering disciplines:

Open space, open minds, open doors

Dartmouth's single unified department of engineering is a close-knit community of scholars with a broad range of expertise. The culture of collaboration extends across the hall, across campus, and beyond. Many projects not only engage researchers from Dartmouth-Hitchcock (including the The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth), Tuck School of Business, and Dartmouth Graduate Studies—as well as partners from industry and government—but also offer numerous research opportunities for undergraduates.