2024 Investiture Information

Ronald C. Lasky

Professor of Engineering

Senior Technologist, Indium Corporation, Clinton, NY

Research Interests

Process optimization; designed experiments; statistical analysis; electronic assembly; Lean Six Sigma; electronic and optoelectronic packaging; materials science; environmental compliance for electronics; electronic assembly with lead-free solders


  • BS, Engineering Physics, Cornell University 1970
  • MS, Applied Mathematics, Binghamton University 1974
  • PhD, Materials Science, Cornell University 1986


  • Member of Technical Distinction Award, SMTA 2021

Professional Activities

  • Professional Engineer, New York State


  • ENGM 187: Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • ENGS 156: Heat, Mass, and Momentum Transfer
  • ENGS 93: Statistical Methods in Engineering
  • ENGG 300: Enterprise Experience Project
  • ENGS 155: Intermediate Thermodynamics
  • ENGG 99: Experiential Project


Seminar: The Impact of the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive

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