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Jiwon Lee

Ralph and Marjorie Crump Assistant Professor of Engineering

Lee Lab

Professor Lee with PhD candidate Nicholas Curtis and research associate Seungmin Shin in the Lee Lab at Dartmouth-Hitchcock's Williamson Translational Research Building. (Photo by Mark Washburn)

Research Interests

Antibody repertoire profiling; systems immunology; protein engineering; vaccine designs


  • BA, Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley 2009
  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin 2016

Selected Publications

  • Lee, J. and Georgiou, G. Understanding humoral responses in the gut to Klebsiella pneumoniae microbial glycan. Nat. Immunol. 19, 514-515 (2018).
  • Chen, Y., Wohlbold, T.J., Zheng, N., Huang, M., Huang, Y., Neu, K.E., Lee, J., Wan, H., Rojas, T., Kirkpatrick, E., Henry, C., Palm, A.E., Stamper, C.T., Lan, L.Y., Topham, D.J., Treanor, J., Wrammert, J., Ahmed, R., Eichelberger, M.C., Georgiou, G., Krammer, F., and Wilson, P.C. Influenza infection in humans induces broadly cross-reactive and protective neuraminidase-reactive antibodies. Cell 173, 417-429 (2018).
  • Wang, B., DeKosky, B.J., Timm, M.R., Lee, J., Normandin, E., Misasi, J., Kong, R., McDaniel, R.M., Delidakis, G., Leigh, K.E., Niezold, T., Choi, C.W., Viox, E.G., Fahad, A., Cagigi, A., Ploquin, A., Leung, K., Yang, E.S., Kong, W., Voss, W.N., Schmidt, A.G., Moody, M.A., Ambrozak, D.R., Henry, A.R., Laboune, F., Ledgerwood, J.E., Graham, B.S., Connors, M., Douek, D.C., Sullivan, N.J., Ellington, A.D., Mascola, J.R., and Georgiou, G. Functional interrogation and mining of natively-paired human VH:VL antibody repertoires. Nat. Biotechnol. 36, 152-155 (2018).
  • Lee, C., Romain, G., Yan, W., Watanabe, M., Charab, W., Todorova, B., Lee, J., Triplett, K., Donkor, M., Lungu, O.I., Lux, A., Marshall, N.M., Lindorfer, M.A., Goff, O.R., Balbino, B., Kang, K.H., Tanno, H., Delidakis, G., Alford, C., Taylor, R.P., Nimmerjahn, F., Varadarajan, N., Bruhns, P., Zhang, Y.J., and Georgiou, G. IgG Fc domains that bind C1q but not effector Fcγ receptors delineate the importance of complement-mediated effector functions. Nat. Immunol. 18, 889–898 (2017).
  • Lee, J., Boutz, D.R., Chromikova, V., Joyce, M.G., Vollmers, C., Leung, K., Horton, A.P., DeKosky, B.J., Lee, C., Lavinder, J.J., Murrin, E.M., Chrysostomou, C., Hoi, K.H., Tsybovsky, Y., Thomas, P.V., Druz, A., Zhang, B., Zhang, Y., Wang, L., Kong, W., Park, D., Popova, L.I., Dekker, C.L., Davis, M.M., Carter, C.E., Ross, T.M., Ellington, A.D., Wilson, P.C., Marcotte, E.M., Mascola, J.R., Ippolito, G.C., Krammer, F., Quake, S.R., Kwong, P.D., and Georgiou, G. Molecular-level analysis of the serum antibody repertoire in young adults before and after seasonal influenza vaccination. Nat. Med. 22, 1456–1464 (2016).
  • Raymond, D., Stewart, S., Lee, J., Ferdman, J., Bajic, G., Do, K.T., Ernandes, M.J., Suphaphiphat, P., Settembre, E.C., Dormitzer, P.R., Guidice, G.D., Finco, O., Kang, T.H., Ippolito, G.C., Georgiou, G., Kepler, T.B., Haynes, B.F., Moody, M.A., Liao, H., Schmidt, A.G., and Harrison, S.C. Influenza immunization elicits antibodies specific for an egg-adapted vaccine strain. Nat. Med. 22, 1465–1469 (2016).



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