Undergraduate Engineering Degree

When General Sylvanus Thayer founded Dartmouth's engineering school in 1867, he believed that learning engineering in the context of the liberal arts is the best way to prepare technology leaders for the world. So, at Dartmouth, undergraduates declaring an engineering sciences major are enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program and earn an "AB"— from the Latin artium baccalaureus.

Most undergraduate students pursuing an AB in engineering sciences specialize in one of six program areas and take additional courses to also earn the fully-accredited professional Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree through the combined AB+BE degree program.

AB+BE Degree Program

Two degrees? A fifth year? It's different, we know. At Dartmouth you can take advantage of the full liberal arts curriculum, and then stay to knock out the professional accredited Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree in less than a year.

The BE requires at least 9 courses beyond the engineering sciences major requirements for the AB. Some students complete both the AB and BE in four years. Others take a fifth year.

Why choose the AB+BE program?

  • Extra time to pursue other interests
  • Room for study abroad opportunities
  • More career path options and flexibility
  • Ability to view problems from different perspectives

AB+BE Student Experience

Hear from an undergraduate about integrating engineering with his other interests at Dartmouth.

Engineering Majors & Minors

Engineering Majors

Dartmouth gives you time to branch out, look around, and experiment with different subjects. You'll not only take the full range of liberal arts courses but also be exposed to all the types of engineering in our six program areas, and have the flexibility to structure your major with both depth and breadth in a variety of ways:

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Engineering Minors

Students can add engineering sciences to their liberal arts studies in a variety of ways—gaining the analytical, creative, and communications skills needed to succeed and lead in any field:

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The Dartmouth Difference

What makes Thayer School of Engineering different?

MEM Advance Planning

Many AB students plan their studies to include both the BE degree and the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree. The MEM degree program combines engineering with management courses taught by faculty at Tuck School of Business and includes an industry internship.

MEM students with Ross

MEM Degree Planning & Advising

By planning out your courses early with your faculty advisor, it is possible to complete the AB, BE, and MEM degree programs in six years

AB students planning to do this should take two engineering sciences electives beyond what is required for the major. Delaying your planning until after you have entered the BE program will likely lengthen the completion time for the combined three degrees beyond six years.

Applying to the MEM program while enrolled in the AB is also possible.

Consult your faculty advisor or Professor Geoffrey G. Parker for further guidance.

Opportunities & Support

Biotech for beginners

First Year Research in Engineering Experience

The First Year Research in Engineering Experience (FYREE) program provides first-year undergraduate students and prospective engineering majors with early hands-on experience and mentoring within engineering.

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Dartmouth Emerging Engineers

Recognizing that some students may need extra help and encouragement on the road to an engineering degree, we foster a culture of cooperation and support, including the Dartmouth Emerging Engineers (DEE) program providing tutors and mentoring to ensure students gain a solid academic foundation for engineering.

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Foreign Study Denmark

Study Abroad

Engineering students may pursue a variety of study abroad programs through Dartmouth's Guarini Institute for International Education as well as four additional exchange programs designed especially for engineering majors.

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Grand Challenges Scholars Program

The Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP) is an education supplement for selected undergraduate engineering programs to develop five competencies promoting global awareness and social skills with a focus on the greatest engineering challenges of the 21st century.

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Honors Program

AB students who have an overall grade point average of 3.0 with a 3.33 grade point average in the major are eligible for the Honors Program in Engineering Sciences.

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Fellowships & Scholarships

Endowed named scholarships and fellowships, established through the generosity of alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations, are awarded to engineering students with financial need who have demonstrated academic ability and show promise of contributing to the engineering profession.

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Students interested in pursuing the AB+BE must be admitted first to Dartmouth as an undergraduate student. High school and transfer students must apply directly to Dartmouth's Office of Undergraduate Admissions for admission to the undergraduate program. There is no other special or separate application process to Thayer School of Engineering for students interested in majoring in the engineering sciences at Dartmouth.

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Financial Aid

Financial aid for students enrolling in the AB degree program apply for financial aid through the Dartmouth Financial Aid office.

AB Financial Aid

AB graduates who stay on as full-time students in the BE program are eligible for aid in the form of partial-tuition scholarships, hourly employment as teaching assistants or in other capacities, fellowships, and loans.

Fifth-year BE Financial Aid