Charles R. Sullivan

Sue and John Ballard '55 TT'56 Professor of Engineering

Director, PMIC

PMIC co-directors Charlie Sullivan and Jason Stauth.

Research Interests

Power electronics; electromagnetic design of power electronics components; micro-fabricated magnetic components; nanocomposite magnetic materials; energy efficiency and renewable energy


  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Princeton University 1987
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California Berkeley 1996


  • Fellow, National Academy of Inventors (NAI), 2022
  • Outstanding Forum Presenter Award, International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), 2021
  • IEEE PELS Modeling and Control Technical Achievement Award, 2018
  • Fellow, IEEE, 2014
  • Sigma Xi, 2001
  • IEEE Power Electronics Society Prize Paper Award, 2000
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 1999

Professional Activities

  • Senior Member, National Academy of Inventors
  • Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Associate Editor, Transactions on Power Electronics
  • Administrative Committee, Power Electronics Society
  • Awards Chair, Power Electronics Devices and Components Committee, Industry Applications Society
  • Member, Magnetics Society
  • Member, Industrial Electronics Society


Resonant Link
Senior Scientist

Research Projects

  • Microfabricated magnetic components using nanomaterials

    Microfabricated magnetic components using nanomaterials

    Microfabricated magnetic components using nanomaterials make it possible to miniaturize power-handling magnetic components through taking advantage of the materials' high-flux-density and high-frequency capabilities. We are developing practical methods of depositing these materials and fabricating inductors and transformers on silicon chips or in other technologies.

  • Passive high-frequency power components

    Passive high-frequency power components

    Passive high-frequency power components are often the limiting factors in reducing the power loss, size, cost, and weight of high-frequency electronic power converters. Through detailed analysis, modeling, and optimization of high-frequency effects in inductors, transformers, and capacitors, we are improving performance of these components and making it easier to design the efficient, low-cost power electronics needed for a wide range of applications including energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Selected Publications

  • Kącki, M., Ryłko, M.S., Hayes, J.G., Sullivan, C.R. Analysis and Experimental Investigation of High-Frequency Magnetic Flux Distribution in Mn-Zn Ferrite Cores. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 38(1), 703-716, 2022.
  • R.S. Yang, A.B. Nadler, C.R. Sullivan and D.J. Perreault, "Permanent Magnet Hybrid Core Inductors for High Saturation Capability," IEEE Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics (COMPEL), 2022.
  • Chen, Minjie, and Charles R. Sullivan. "Unified models for coupled inductors applied to multiphase PWM converters." IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 36.12: 14155-14174, 2021.
  • A.L.F. Stein, P.A. Kyaw and C.R. Sullivan, "Wireless Power Transfer Utilizing a High-Q Self-Resonant Structure," IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol. 34, no. 7, pp. 6722-6735, 2019, doi: 10.1109/TPEL.2018.2874878.
  • P.A. Kyaw, A.L.F. Stein and C.R. Sullivan, "Fundamental Examination of Multiple Potential Passive Component Technologies for Future Power Electronics," IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol. 33, no. 12, pp. 10708-10722, 2018, doi: 10.1109/TPEL.2017.2776609.
  • C.R. Sullivan, B.A. Reese, A.L.F. Stein and P.A. Kyaw, "On size and magnetics: Why small efficient power inductors are rare," 2016 International Symposium on 3D Power Electronics Integration and Manufacturing (3D-PEIM), pp. 1-23, doi: 10.1109/3DPEIM.2016.7570571.
  • A.J. Stratakos, C.R. Sullivan, S.R. Sanders, and R.W. Brodersen. "High-Efficiency Low-Voltage DC-DC Conversion for portable applications," in Low-Voltage/Low-Power Integrated Circuits and Systems: Low-Voltage Mixed-Signal Circuits, Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio and Andreas Andreou, Eds. IEEE Press, 1999.
  • A.J. Stratakos, C.R. Sullivan, S.R. Sanders. "DC Power Supply Design in Portable Systems," in Low Power Digital CMOS Design, A.P. Chandrakasan and R.W. Brodersen, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 1995.


  • Multilayer conductors with integrated capacitors and associated systems and methods | 10,707,911
  • Power processing methods and apparatus for photovoltaic systems | 9,673,729
  • Methods for making radially anisotropic thin-film magnetic torroidal cores | 9,659,706
  • Low AC resistant foil winding for magnetic coils on gapped cores | 7,701,317
  • Method for making magnetic components with N-phase coupling, and related inductor structures | 7,498,920
  • Low impedance test fixture for impedance measurements | 7,365,550
  • Method and apparatus for multi-phase DC-DC converters using coupled inductors in discontinuous conduction mode | 7,317,305
  • Voltage converter with coupled inductive windings, and associated methods | 6,362,986
  • Circuit for dimming gas discharge lamps without introducing striations | 5,001,386


  • ENGS 173: Energy Utilization
  • ENGS 32: Electronics: Introduction to Linear and Digital Circuits
  • ENGS 125: Power Electronics and Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  • ENGS 85.12: Electric Energy


Dartmouth PhD Innovation Program: Daniel Harburg

Tesla Tech Fair Panel

Symposium: Energy and Science/Technology

Using Simulations