Ben Barrowes 2021 sq

Benjamin E. Barrowes

Adjunct Associate Professor of Engineering

Research Physicist, CRREL

Research Interests

Electromagnetic models; electromagnetic induction (EMI); fast electromagnetic solver methods; electromagnetic neuroscience; neuronal recording, stimulation, and modeling methods; rough surface scattering; remote sensing; sub-surface detection; numerical methods in EM


  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Brigham Young University 1999
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, Brigham Young University 1999
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, MIT 2004

Selected Publications

  • Barrowes B.E., O'Neill K., Grzegorczyk T., Chen X., and Kong J.A., "Broadband Electromagnetic Induction Solution for a Conducting and Permeable Spheroid," Transactions on Geoscience & Remote Sensing, Nov. 2004, vol.42, no.11, p.2479-89.
  • Barrowes B.E., O'Neill K., Grzegorczyk T., and Kong J.A., "Asymptotic Expansions of the Prolate Spheroidal Wave Function and Their Eigenvalues for Complex Size Parameter," Studies in Applied Mathematics, Oct. 2004, v.113, no.3, p.271-301.
  • Barrowes B.E., Ao C. O., Teixeira F.L., and Kong J.A., "Sparse matrix/canonical grid method applied to 3-D dense medium simulations," Oct. 2002, IEEE Trans. on Antennas and Propagation.
  • Barrowes, B.E., and Long, D.G., "Evaluation of a compound probability model with tower-mounted scatterometer data," IEEE Trans. on Geo. and Remote Sensing, Jan. 2002, vol. 40(1), pp 42-9.
  • Barrowes B.E., Teixeira F.L., and Kong J.A., "Fast Algorithm for Matrix-Vector Multiply of Asymmetric Multilevel Block-Toeplitz Matrices in 3-D Scattering," Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, October 2001, Wiley InterScience.
  • Barrowes B.E., Ao C.O., Teixeira F.L., Kong J.A., and Tsang, L., "Monte Carlo Simulation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Dense Random Media with Dielectric Spheroids," The Institute for Elect., Inf., and Comm. Engineers, Vol. E83-C, No. 12, Dec. 2000.