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Research Interests

Ultra conformal radiation therapy; image guided radiation therapy; biological gating of therapeutic X-ray beams; image guided brachytherapy; cherenkov emission during radiotherapy; EPR dosimetry


  • BSCh, University of Denver 1983
  • ScD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1989

Professional Activities

Research Projects

  • Scintillation dosimetry for quality assurance in radiotherapy

    Scintillation dosimetry for quality assurance in radiotherapy

    Radiation therapy is used to treat cancer tumors by killing the tissue with high ionizing radiation doses. Modern external beam radiotherapy systems deliver high dose levels to precisely marked tumor volume in less time. As a mis-administration can have potentially severe impact to the surrounding healthy tissue, more stringent and complex quality assurance measurements are required in clinics. By developing a comprehensive optical dose imaging camera system, we aim to fundamentally simplify the quality assurance process and, in turn, to further promote the culture of safety in radiotherapy. By converting the dose to visible light using scintillation phantom, we can image and reconstruct 3D dose maps in real time, enabling complete and accurate verification in a fast enough timeframe for it to be useful in every procedure.

Selected Publications

  • Andreozzi JM, Zhang R, Glaser AK, Jarvis LA, Pogue BW, Gladstone DJ. "Camera selection for real-time in vivo radiation treatment verification systems using Cherenkov imaging." Med Phys 2015 Feb; 42(2):994-1004, PMID: 25652512
  • Zhang R, Andreozzi JM, Gladstone DJ, Hitchcock WL, Glaser AK, Jiang S, Pogue BW, Jarvis LA. "Cherenkoscopy based patient positioning validation and movement tracking during post-lumpectomy whole breast radiation therapy." Phys Med Biol 2015 Jan 7; 60(1):L1-14, PMID: 25504315
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  • Dosimetry systems for radiation treatment using radiation-detector-triggered cameras to image cherenkov emissions or thin-sheet scintillators | 11,633,627