Engineering Sciences Minors

Students can add engineering sciences to their liberal arts studies in a variety of ways—gaining the analytical, creative, and communications skills needed to succeed and lead in any field.


Engineering Sciences Minor

Students can choose to complement a major in another discipline with a minor in engineering sciences.

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Human-Centered Design Minor

The minor in human-centered design is an interdisciplinary program focused on the process of innovation for addressing human needs. The six-course minor combines engineering and design-thinking courses with a wide range of cultural, behavioral, and artistic offerings.

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Materials Science Minor

The departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering Sciences offer the minor in materials science, which can be combined with majors in any of the three areas.

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Another Major Modified w/ Engineering Sciences

Any Dartmouth major can be modified with engineering sciences.

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Honors Program

AB students who have an overall grade point average of 3.0 with a 3.33 grade point average in the major are eligible for the Honors Program in engineering sciences.

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