The Thayer Community

"One of first things that struck me when I arrived at Thayer was the atmosphere of community. Everyone was welcoming. Thayer fosters a positive and encouraging environment. My mentors and peers always valued my perspective inside and outside the lab or classroom."
—Ligin Solamen Th'19

Community isn't a thing you can point to. It's a vibe, a certain energy, a sense of belonging you feel in the hallways, classrooms, and labs. Connected by a shared mission of human-centered impact, we work within a culture of cooperation and support, helping each other live, learn, teach, and discover what's next.

"The community at Thayer is what stands out the most for me. The professors are amazing people and mentors. I always felt their doors were open for questions about coursework or to discuss my future."

—Amanda Macejko '96 Th'97

Leadership, Faculty & Staff

A close community leads to accessibility. Both minds and doors are open here—to leadership, faculty, and staff, to labs and workshops, to the entire Dartmouth campus, and beyond. Professors are as devoted to teaching as to conducting world-class research. In fact, all classes are taught by professors, not graduate students.




Student Groups & Councils

A variety of student groups offer opportunities to get involved and make a difference outside the classroom, and several student councils foster communication and participation throughout the School. In addition, the Dartmouth Society of Engineers (DSE) Student Chapter organizes activities including exam study sessions and intramural sports teams.

Student Groups & Councils

"Thayer is a home and a sanctuary where others knew they could find me. Thayer is a call for action, an innovative hub, and a place to laugh all in one."

—Stephanie Emenyonu '16 Th'17 '18

Help & Support

The road to an engineering degree can sometimes feel rocky when facing a variety of new challenges. Recognizing that some students may need extra help and encouragement, Thayer fosters a culture of cooperation and support for graduate as well as undergraduate students, including the Dartmouth Emerging Engineers (DEE) program providing tutors and mentoring, and participation in the Student Wellness Check-in program offering coaching sessions with a trained listener.

Community Intranet

Check out ThayerExpress—a collection of links and information designed just for our students, faculty, and staff.




Community events are a great way to learn new things, make new friends, and stay connected.

If you have an event for our calendar or have questions about Thayer events, contact

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With a Dartmouth engineering degree, you'll be part of a global group of alumni with a foundation of communications, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. The culture of cooperation and support continues after graduation, and your fellow alums can be a big help, facilitated by full access to our Alumni Directory and Mentor Network.

Alumni Website

Career Services

Thayer has its own Career Services Office, giving customized guidance to all Dartmouth engineering students and alumni. Whether through on-campus recruiting, career fairs, or networking with employers and alumni, they are here to support you, step-by-step.

Career Services Website


Dartmouth Engineer magazine is published twice a year for the alumni, friends, students, faculty, and staff of Thayer.

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