Environmental Engineering Faculty

Listed below are Dartmouth engineering faculty whose research interests and expertise involve environmental engineering.

Mary R. Albert

Professor of Engineering
Executive Director, US Ice Drilling Program Office

Research Interests: 

Snow and firn physics; air-snow transfer; ice cores and climate; porous media; transport phenomena

Benoit Cushman-Roisin

Professor of Engineering

Research Interests: 

Environmental transport processes; environmental fluid mechanics; industrial ecology; sustainable design; energy efficiency

Brenden Epps

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Research Interests: 

Fluid mechanics as related to marine propulsion, wind energy, and hydrokinetic energy; aeromechanical simulation and modeling of wind turbines; propulsion system design; analysis and optimization of hydrokinetic turbine systems.

Alexander Hartov

Professor of Engineering

Research Interests: 

Biomedical engineering; medical imaging; electrical impedance tomography; image-guided surgery; cryosurgery; ultrasound; multi-modality imaging

Joseph J. Helble

Dean and Professor of Engineering

Research Interests: 

Environmental impacts of fossil energy utilization with emphasis on mercury; particulate matter; air pollution control; CO2 capture; combustion-derived pollution

Jane Hill

Associate Professor of Engineering

Research Interests: 

Infectious disease prognosis and diagnostics; aerobiological processes; methods to engineer soils for greater fertility.

Lee Rybeck Lynd

Paul E. and Joan H. Queneau Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering Design and Adjunct Professor of Biology, Dartmouth
Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Enchi Corporation
Biomass Deconstruction and Conversion Focus Area Leader, DOE Bioenergy Science Center
Executive Committee Chair, Global Sustainable Bioenergy Initiative

Research Interests: 

Microbial cellulose utilization; metabolic engineering; innovative biomass processing technologies; sustainable bioenergy futures

Amanda Plagge

Visiting Researcher

Research Interests: 

Satellite remote sensing of fluid energy resources (wind, currents, waves); impacts of air-sea interaction and atmospheric stability on offshore wind turbines; enhanced validation methods for remote sensing of cryospheric and oceanic physical properties including firn structure, snow accumulation, and sea surface height