ENGG 390 Faculty Advisors

Students are strongly encouraged to find a faculty member or members to act as your project faculty advisor. Various faculty from Thayer, Tuck, and other Dartmouth departments have served as faculty advisors in the past. We encourage you to seek out faculty advisors with expertise in the area of your project.

By when do I need to have a faculty advisor(s)?

It is best to know who your faculty advisor will be when you submit your pre-proposal. Your faculty advisor(s) should definitely be identified in your proposal.

What is required of the faculty advisor(s)?

There are no formal requirements of faculty advisors. However, students and faculty advisors typically find it useful for faculty advisors to:

  • Meet or talk with (if project is not in the Hanover area) the student on a regularly arranged basis (for instance, once every 2 weeks)
  • Review the student's written reports and oral presentations before they are formally submitted/given
  • Attend the student's oral presentations

Additionally, the course professor appreciates it if faculty advisors will:

  • Give input to the course professor on grading of reports and oral presentations