Modified Engineering Sciences Major

Students can create a cross-disciplinary modified engineering sciences major by taking six courses in engineering and four courses in the modifying area plus the necessary prerequisites and culminating experience.

Program Options

Dartmouth engineers are professionals in all corners of industry. We have graduates in:

  • Architecture
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Management and finance
  • Neural engineering
  • Product design
  • Technology in public policy

Preparation for these fields can be obtained through the Engineering Sciences Major or one of our pre-approved modified majors as engineering with:



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(chemical engineering)

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Computer Science

(computer engineering)

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Earth Sciences

(geotechnical engineering)

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(management and finance)

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Environmental Sciences

(environmental engineering)

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(neural engineering)

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Public Policy

(technology in public policy)

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Studio Art

(architecture / product design)

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Degree Planning

Plans for a modified major should be prepared in consultation with Professor Doug Van Citters and must be approved in writing by him and filed with the registrar.

Students interested in creating a modified major different from the ones listed above should consult with Professor Doug Van Citters. A coherent program of study with substantial engineering sciences content, with the written approval of the chair, must be filed with the registrar.

Students interested in combining engineering and physics should pursue the Engineering Physics Major.

Students interested in focusing on materials science should pursue the Materials Science Minor, which combines engineering with chemistry and physics.

Students interested in biomedical engineering should pursue the Biomedical Engineering Sciences Major.

Student Spotlight

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Alumni Spotlight

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Charles Nearburg '72, Th'74, discusses how combining majors prepares engineers for success.