Human-Centered Design Minor

The minor in Human-Centered Design is an interdisciplinary program focused on the process of innovation for addressing human needs. The six-course minor combines engineering and design thinking courses with a wide range of cultural, behavioral, and artistic offerings. 

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Guide to Programs & Courses


Unless otherwise prohibited, prerequisites may be taken under the non-recording option. Any course being used to satisfy major or minor requirements beyond the prerequisites, may not be taken under the non-recording option.

Courses used in the major cannot be used to satisfy requirements of the minor. Satisfactory completion of the minor requires a grade point average of 2.0 in the courses suitable for satisfying the minor.



1 course

MATH 3: Calculus


The minor in human-centered design in Engineering Sciences is an interdisciplinary program comprising six courses, two from each section below.

For Engineering majors: Only ENGS courses numbered below 20 may be counted towards the minor.


Design Foundation

2 courses

ENGS 12: Design Thinking
ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering (ENGS 21 should be taken after ENGS 12 and before Design Electives.)

Ethnographic Methods and Human Factors/Psychology*

2 courses

Choose two courses, with one course from outside of the student’s major department:

ANTH 3: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 18: Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology
GEOG 11: Qualitative Methods and the Research Process in Geography
PSYC 22: Learning
PSYC 23: Social Psychology
PSYC 28: Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 38: Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC 43: Emotion
PSYC 50.02: Decision Making
PSYC 53.10: Social and Affective Motivations in Decision-making
PSYC 53.12: The Behavior of Groups
PSYC 53.13: Social Neuroscience
SOCY 11: Research Methods

Design Electives**

2 courses

Choose two courses, from the following:

COSC 23.01: Augmented and Virtual Reality Design
COSC 25.01: Intro to UI/UX Design I
COSC 25.02: Intro to UI/UX Design II
COSC 28: Advanced Projects in Digital Arts
COSC 29.04: Impact Design/ PSYC 15 Impact Design
ENGS 15.01: Senior Design Challenge I
ENGS 15.02: Senior Design Challenge II
ENGS 18: System Dynamics in Policy Design and Analysis
ENGS 44: Sustainable Design
ENGS 75: Product Design
FILM 51: Game Design Studio
PBPL 43: Social Entrepreneurship/ ECON 77 Social Entrepreneurship
SART 65: Architecture I
SART 66: Architecture II
SART 68: Architecture III

* One of the two courses under Ethnographic Methods and Human Factors must be outside of the student’s major department.

** Before taking courses under Design Electives, it is recommended that students complete both courses under Design Foundation and at least one course under Ethnographic Methods and Human Factors/Psychology. No engineering sciences courses 20 and above may be taken under the Non-Recording Option.