Bachelor of Arts (AB)

Engineering sciences majors at Dartmouth are enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program and earn an "AB" (from the Latin artium baccalaureus). Most take additional courses to also earn a professional Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree.

Students can add engineering sciences to their liberal arts studies in a variety of ways. (For full AB degree requirements, see Office of the Registrar.)

AB Program Options

Foreign Study

Honors Program and Fellowships

Combined AB/BE Program

Most students complete both the AB and BE programs, usually in 5 years. Students who are interested in particular areas of engineering can use these AB/BE sample programs as models for their own programs.

Hear from a BE student helping out in the Machine Shop:

Advance Planning for the MEM Degree

A large number of AB students plan their course of study to include the BE degree and then the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree. The MEM program combines engineering and management courses taught by Thayer School and Tuck School faculty and includes an industry internship.

Planning your course selection with your faculty advisor early in your AB studies can enable you to complete the AB, BE, and MEM programs in 6 years. AB students planning to do the MEM degree should take two engineering sciences electives beyond what is required for the major. Delaying your planning until after you have entered the BE program will likely lengthen the completion time for the combined 3 degrees beyond 6 years. Applying for admission to the MEM program while in the AB is also possible.

Students are encouraged to work closely with their assigned faculty advisor, using the AB/BE Course Organizational Tool, to develop a multi-year course progression plan that will meet degree requirements, and the student's personal academic goals.

See a typical course sequence for completing the AB, BE, and MEM degrees in 6 years. Consult your faculty advisor or Professor Geoffrey G. Parker for further guidance.

Engineering Major Declaration Instructions

  1. Meet with your engineering faculty advisor to develop a plan of study prior to declaring your engineering major.
  2. Use the Dartworks system to plan and submit your declaration.
  3. Select the correct major:
    • Engineering = ENGS
    • Engineering Physics with Engineering as the culminating = ENPH
    • Biomedical Engineering = EBIO
    • Modified majors = Modified A
  4. Do NOT put any distributive courses on your planner that don't pertain directly to your major.
    • As an example, the standard major should only have ENGS 21 through your Culminating Experience listed on the planner.
    • Please list both your culminating in the notes, as well as the name of the engineering faculty advisor you consulted to develop this plan.
    • If you put any distributive courses on your planner that don't pertain directly to your major, your major declaration will be denied.
  5. To make changes to an approved plan, please refer to the Dartworks Student User Guide.
  6. If you have aditional questions, contact Jenna Wheeler, located in MacLean 103.