Dartmouth Engineer Magazine: Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Features from the Spring 2021 issue of Dartmouth Engineer Magazine include "The Gift of Failure," "Innovation Through Diversity," and "The Battle Against COVID-19." Plus, "Lab Reports" and research updates, student projects and awards, alumni news, and more.

Dartmouth Engineer magazine is published by the Trustees of Dartmouth College twice a year to help inform and engage the Thayer community.


Cameron Planck Detail

The Gift of Failure

Cameron Plank Th'21 watched as prototype after prototype broke down in the Arctic ice. Failure pushed him to create a better tool to help scientists "see" climate change as never before.


Innovation Through Diversity illustration

Innovation Through Diversity

As global challenges grow increasingly complex, Dartmouth engineers look for untapped solutions by first, building a diverse and inclusive community.


The Battle Against Covid-19

One common theme dominated headlines and conversations around the world in 2020: COVID-19. As the number of cases rose ever higher, Dartmouth engineers joined the global fight.


Great Hall

Q&A: Amogha Tadimety & Alison Burklund

The difference between minutes and hours to diagnose an illness literally means life or death. That's why PhD candidate Alison Burklund and Amogha Tadimety Th'20 were determined to spin their work into a startup focused on developing life-saving technology. The two launched Nanopath, whose diagnostic tool has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives a year. READ MORE»


Treatment for Infections

Treatment for Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections

LAB REPORT | Dartmouth Engineering-led study shows promise for a lysin-based antibacterial agent that may enable safe, repeated dosing to treat life-threatening staph infections.


Life on Mars

Life on Mars

LAB REPORT | A new study suggests the most habitable region for life on Mars would have been deep below its surface, likely due to subsurface melting of ice sheets from geothermal heat.


West End Construction

Construction Update

Construction on the new Center for Engineering and Computer Science is on schedule to be completed this fall, transforming the West End into Dartmouth's new hub of human-centered innovation.


Study Abroad in Berlin

Engineering Study Abroad in Berlin

Dartmouth Engineering and the department of German studies is launching a new multidisciplinary study-abroad program in Berlin, Germany, focused on sustainability.


Kudos: Awards and More

We celebrate students who developed self-driving lunar vehicles to faculty patents, awards, student publications, and more.


Welcome: New Faculty

Dartmouth Engineering welcomed Ethan Murphy, Elizabeth Murnane, Geoffroy Hautier, and Kimberly Samkoe to the faculty.


Virtual Couch Lab

Amid the pandemic, Dartmouth Engineering found a creative way to make our virtual spaces as dynamic as the physical.


Research Fellowship

This year's Mazilu Engineering Research Fellow Jason Liu '21 will support Professor Fiona Li to build safer battery systems.


I Want One of Those

In an effort to foster spontaneous connections among students—who are discouraged from attending large gatherings due to COVID-19—a team of undergraduates designed and built HangNow and won the Phillip R. Jackson Award for best overall performance in ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering.


Dartmouth engineering students demo their ENGS 21 project: HangNow—a system to foster spontaneous connections among students in the age of COVID.

Alumni News

Just One Question | Q: What element of your Thayer career would you like to experience again?

Thayer Notes | Notes and news from Dartmouth Engineering alumni

Obituaries: Spring 2021 | Remembering our Dartmouth Engineering alumni and friends

In Memoriam: Spring 2021 | Honoring Wayne Nils Tobiasson Th'74 and Victor Surprenant

On The Job: Alexandria Favazza '07

Alexandria (Fecych) Favazza ’07

Alexandria (Fecych) Favazza '07 discusses her switch from practicing science and math to teaching it.

On the Job: Dave Seliger '12

Dave Seliger

Dave Seliger '12 works to look for ways to improve complex municipal systems.


Natalie Afonina: Spotlights

A round-up of spotlight news on Dartmouth Engineering alumni.

Back Cover

"I'm an Engineer and an Olympian"

"Making the team is still pretty surreal to me, and this is the first time that a Puerto Rican women's basketball team has made it to the Olympics. We made history. It's kind of hard to believe."
—Isalys Quiñones '19 Th'20