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Dartmouth Engineer Magazine: Fall 2023

President Beilock with Dean Alexis Abramson, students, and faculty sit around a roundtable for Dartmouth Engineer Fall issue.

In this Issue

President Sian Beilock, Dean Alexis Abramson, engineering faculty and student leaders imagine a more inclusive, innovative future. What happens after hours as students work into the night? Next-gen cancer treatments, and more.

Leading Thoughts

Alexis Abramson and Wesley Marrero talk

Leading Thoughts: "On Making Better Decisions"

Dean Alexis Abramson speaks with Professor Wesley Marrero on leveraging data to help practitioners and policymakers make better decisions across a range of health fields: mental health, neonatology, cardiovascular disease, organ transplantation, and substance use disorder. READ MORE»


Dartmouth Roundtable: "A Brave Space"

Sian Beilock and Alexis Abramson

Dean Alexis Abramson invited Dartmouth President Sian Leah Beilock, along with engineering faculty and student leaders, to a roundtable this summer to discuss leadership and to imagine a more inclusive, innovative, human-centered future. READ MORE»

On Target

Saryah Azmat

Saryah Azmat '11 Th'11 galvanizes investors, big pharma, and biotech in targeted drug therapy efforts to solve one of the world's greatest healthcare challenges. READ MORE»

After Hours

Micah Greene in materials lab

The West End is buzzing. It's a late spring night, at the end of term. Engineering and computer science students are making, creating, and exploring without boundaries. READ MORE»

Great Hall

Advances in Ice: A Cool Compound

Tara Thomplinson

PhD student Tara Thomlinson grows samples of sea ice similar to ice on Jupiter and Saturn's moons to find out if life is possible beyond our planet. READ MORE»

A Digital Makeover for Microscopes

Digital makeover for microscopes

A new smart microscope integrates microscopy with emerging technologies to help doctors diagnose disorders from digital images. READ MORE»

Tool Narrows Focus on New Metal Alloys

SEM image confirming the predicted structure of the synthesized alloy, CoFeMnNiZn.

Professor Geoffroy Hautier, postdoc Wei Chen, and team have developed a physics-based model to speed up discovery of revolutionary alloys. READ MORE»

DIAD: Imagining a Better Future

DIAD's speculative fiction project helps people imagine future.

The Dartmouth community is collaborating on human-centered fiction that draws on interdisciplinary research to imagine a better future. READ MORE»

Finalist for Prestigious Arctic Prize

Mary Albert and Arctic Prize team

Professor Mary Albert's team of Dartmouth and Greenland researchers are finalists for the prestigious Frederik Paulsen Arctic Award. READ MORE»

Bikes and Human-Centered Engineering

Wells Willet

For Wells Willett '24, the decision to major in engineering was inextricably tied to his enduring love of biking. READ MORE»

Military Service and Tissue Engineering

Karina Mitchell

Biomedical engineering major Karina Mitchell '23 ties the roots of her academic pursuits to her father, a civil engineer in the US Army. READ MORE»

Welcome New Engineering Faculty

Dartmouth Engineering welcomed three new faculty during the summer and fall terms. READ MORE»

Kudos: Honors and Awards

Celebrating appointments, awards, publications, and more. READ MORE»

Alumni News

Spotlights on Alumni

Rose Mutiso and Terry and Carolyn McGuire

Energy technology and policy expert Rose Mutiso '08 Th'08 wins the McGuire Family Prize for Societal Impact. Plus, a round-up of spotlight news on Dartmouth Engineering alumni. READ MORE»

On the Job

Nathalie Rivest Pramanik

Nathalie Rivest Pramanik '10 Th'11: CEO of Little Chompions is revolutionizing the baby feeding industry with innovative kits that help caregivers during early feeding stages. READ MORE»

On the Job

John Rajala

John Rajala '88: Generations of Rajala's family have crafted wood products from northern Minnesota forests. He takes the long view in managing timberland for future generations. READ MORE»

Thayer Notes

Andrew Herchek

Notes and news from Dartmouth Engineering alumni around the world. READ MORE»


Energy audit at montgomery fellow house

Energy Audit

For their capstone project, five engineering students assessed the energy efficiency of the College's Montgomery House—identifying retrofits that could save $3,000 in annual energy costs. READ MORE»

First Look

"Mechatronics" student Ben Bassett '24 (right) launches the autonomous sailboat while Professor Mike Kokko paddles.

Occom Test

"Mechatronics" student Ben Bassett '24 (right) launches the autonomous sailboat Capt. Corkey's Crazy Cruiser he designed—with teammates Jehan Diaz '22 Th'23, James McMahan Th'27, Cam Wolfe '23, and Alexander Kish '24—to navigate around a buoy on Occom Pond. Professor Mike Kokko, who co-taught the class with Professor Laura Ray, paddles.

Back Cover

Students get ready to launch their designs from the third-floor atrium balcony in the Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center.

Design Launch

Students in Professor Eugene Korsunskiy's "Senior Design Challenge" class collaborate on paper airplanes as part of a team-building exercise. This year, four multidisciplinary teams worked on projects with COVER Home Repair, the Hanover Economic Development Council, NH Healthcare Workers for Climate Action, and a local school district. From left, David Kaufmann, Kiera Bernet, Allie Gies, Josh Ocampo, Allison MacLeod, and Monxell Mariano launch their designs from the third-floor atrium balcony in the Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center.