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On the Job: Nathalie Rivest Pramanik ’10 Th’11

Oct 02, 2023   |   by Theresa D'Orsi   |   Dartmouth Engineer

Cofounder, Little Chompions

CEO Pramanik is revolutionizing the baby feeding industry with innovative kits designed to walk caregivers through babies’ early feeding stages. She brings business expertise—honed at McKinsey and Co., LCatterton, and DoorDash—and insights as a new mother plus some Thayer talent to the table. As a sponsor in Professor Peter Robbie’s “Product Design” class last spring, she worked with students to develop a better baby cup prototype.

Nathalie Rivest Pramanik
Nathalie Rivest Pramanik

Can you elaborate on the insights you bring?

My business partner is a child development expert, and her experience shapes things from a content perspective. I’m running all things business and strategy, bringing a blend of skills and experiences from my journey in the business world. Personally, as a new mom, I’ve lived the beautiful, stressful, messy journey of introducing solid food to my baby. This firsthand experience has made me aware of challenges caregivers face during this special phase, which motivates me to make Little Chompions a supportive and understanding resource for other parents.

"Little Chompions promotes a healthy relationship with food from day one."

—Nathalie Rivest Pramanik ’10 TH’11

What makes your feeding kits unique?

Our kits provide the information and equipment caregivers need to confidently introduce solid food to their babies. Setting the tone with early feeding victories can foster speech development, decrease potential sensory challenges, combat picky eating, and ease caregiver anxieties. The kits include a curated selection of feeding tools tailored to specific development stages. Perhaps the most important part are the feeding and toolkit guides, filled with age-specific information, tips and tricks, and food ideas to get babies ready to start their solid food journey.

Any highlights from your return to campus?

Working with Thayer students during the last six months has been amazing. Between sponsoring the “Product Design” class and working with interns Carolina Stedman ’24 and Ari Garnick ’24 this summer, it’s humbling to see how much students accomplish. We’re bringing the straw training cup initially designed by Professor Robbie’s students to market. We’ve been working with Clay Burns ’87 to refine the initial prototype and plan on launching the product on Kickstarter in the fall.

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