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Dartmouth Engineer Magazine: Spring 2023

Dartmouth Engineer Spring 2023 Cover

In this Issue

The burgeoning field of power electronics, a new foreign study program in Berlin, and an alum introduces aid organizations to the power of humanitarian crowd-solving. Plus Dean Alexis Abramson's Leading Thoughts, news, and more.

Leading Thoughts

Dean Abramson and Hui Fang

"Revolutionizing Brain Research"

DEAN ALEXIS ABRAMSON: Professor Hui Fang is developing the next generation of neural probes to revolutionize how researchers study the human brain. We spoke about the potential directions of his work with nanomaterials and where he is finding collaborators in the Dartmouth community. READ MORE»


Power Pioneers

Sullivan Stauth

Professors Charles R. Sullivan and Jason Stauth Th'00 are leading efforts to make the tech we use every day cheaper, smaller, and more efficient—and opening new opportunities in a range of industries. READ MORE»

Green City

Green City Berlin

A new foreign study program in Berlin brings sustainable engineering to life. READ MORE»

Welcome to the Crowd

Light bulb crowd

Harry Sangree '79 Th'80 introduces aid organizations to the power of humanitarian crowd-solving. READ MORE»

Great Hall

A Service-Learning Model

Maron Greenleaf

The Energy Justice Clinic partners with the Thayer-led Design Initiative at Dartmouth (DIAD) to give students the tools and hands-on opportunities to explore that type of research. READ MORE»

GEM Fellow Shines

Adrianne Gowie

As Dartmouth's first engineering GEM Fellow, PhD candidate Adrianne Gowie is studying how to make medical implants safer for the human body. READ MORE»

Students Cook Up Green Collaboration

DHE installs solar panels

Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering designed a solar water heater to help offset firewood usage in cooking in a Ugandan university kitchen. READ MORE»

Expanding STEM

EE Just Fellows

Dartmouth this winter launched STEM-X, a $100-million effort to increase access for historically underrepresented groups. READ MORE»

Polar Ice Heals Itself


A new study out of the Ice Research Lab shows that surface thermal cracks in ice can heal themselves within seconds—and potentially lessen the degradation of Arctic ice covers. READ MORE»

Lab Report: New Approach to Big Data

DNA tree

A novel two-tiered machine learning algorithm can extract knowledge from big data that's valuable for the individual as well as the whole. READ MORE»

Partnering with BioInnovate Africa

BioInnovate Africa

For the third year, Thayer professors have provided student training in technoeconomic analysis (TEA) of innovation projects in eastern Africa. READ MORE»

Design Integration

SanoStove team

The team that designed and built SanoStove—a smokeless stove to reduce dangerous cooking conditions for communities that lack access to electricity—won the Jackson Award for best overall performance in ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering. READ MORE»

Kudos: Honors and Awards

Celebrating appointments, awards, publications, and more. READ MORE»

Alumni News

Thayer Notes

Notes and news from Dartmouth Engineering alumni


Remembering our Dartmouth Engineering alumni and friends

Spotlights on Alumni

Cole Douglas

A round-up of spotlight news on Dartmouth Engineering alumni. READ MORE»

The Innovators

Ben Parker

Forbes profiled three industry leaders in its 2023 "30 Under 30" lists.

In Memoriam: Robert C. Dean Jr.

Bob Dean

Professor and serial entrepreneur Robert Dean died on January 7, 2023. He was 94. READ MORE»

In Memoriam: Peter M. Fahey '68 Th'69 Th'70

Peter Fahey

Longtime Thayer board member and Dartmouth trustee Peter Fahey died November 26, 2022. He was 75. READ MORE»


Sensors for Space

Professor Yan Li is leading the effort to design new materials for self-powering sensors that can withstand higher temperatures than conventional sensor materials. READ MORE»

Yan Li

First Look

Intellectual Exercise

Engineering students work in Bissell Hall in 1926. Thayer School of Engineering moved into Bissell, Dartmouth's former gymnasium on the site of the current Hopkins Center for the Arts, in 1912. More than 25 years later, in 1939, faculty and students moved into Cummings Hall, the first facility built specifically for Thayer. (Photo from Dartmouth Archives)

Back Cover

Agile Engineering

Founded and run by Thayer since 2006, Formula Hybrid+Electric challenges teams of engineering students to collaboratively design and construct a fuel-efficient hybrid or electric-only vehicle. The annual competition is considered the most complex of the Society of Automotive Engineers Collegiate Design Series. The four-day event at NH Motor Speedway in Loudon puts teams and their vehicles through a range of safety and dynamic demands—including the tilt test (shown here) and a 44-lap endurance test. This year's event ran May 1 to 4. (Photo by Kathryn Lapierre)