2024 Investiture Information

The Mazilu Engineering Research Fellowship

An award of up to $10,000 will support a student for a full academic year (3 to 4 terms) of research, including one off-term. The amount of the fellowship will be fixed at the time of the award. The off-term budget may include a stipend of up to $4,500 for the student, with the remainder of funds applied to supplies and other project costs as approved by the faculty mentor. The Fellowship cannot be used for tuition.

This Fellowship was created by Jaime K. Mazilu Brown '05 Th'06 via Saguaro Technology, Inc., a company founded and run by her mother, Doina Mazilu. The goal of the fellowship is to encourage students to pursue graduate studies and academic engineering careers in the United States.

Student Spotlight

Dartmouth Undergrads in the Lab

Hyperthermia Cancer Treatments

Dartmouth engineering major Albert Kim ’14 talks about being the 2014-15 Mazilu Fellow and his research to improve hyperthermia cancer treatment in Professor Ulrike Wegst's lab.


To be eligible, students must be engineering sciences majors in the AB and/or BE program or be a Partner School Dual-Degree program student at Dartmouth/Thayer School and be US citizens or permanent residents. Students must have an advisor at Thayer School.


Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of the senior associate dean for academic affairs, the department chair, and the BE program chair.


Friday, April 12, 2024

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Project Reporting

Students will submit a final report to the Thayer faculty mentor and to the Mazilu family at the conclusion of the research experience. This report will be written in the established Thayer thesis format; there is no page limit for this report. A final culminating presentation is also required, whereby the student will present his/her research to the selection committee, highlighting the goals of the research, significant results, and implications for future research. The Mazilu family will make every possible effort to attend this presentation.

Fellowship Recipients

Hannah Ren
Advisor: John Zhang

Cameron Wolfe
Advisor: Laura Ray

Emily Martinez
Advisor: Colin Meyer

Jason Liu
Advisor: Fiona Li

Camilo Toruno
Advisor: Rahul Sarpeshkar

Lisa Je
Advisor: Jifeng Liu

Catherine Carey
Advisor: Amro Farid

Jack Kirsch
Advisor: Karl Griswold

Beichen Dai
Advisor: Ryan Halter

Albert Kim
Advisor: Ulrike Wegst

Alfredo Velasco
Advisor: Jason Stauth

Adwiteeya Misra
Advisor: Solomon Diamond

Andrew C. Ceballos
Advisor: Eric Fossum

Sam A. Tanyos
Advisor: Karl Griswold

Ellen Ludlow
Advisor: Mark Borsuk

Dermott J. McHugh
Advisor: Mark Borsuk