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Student Awarded 2017–18 Mazilu Engineering Research Fellowship

Apr 10, 2017

Dual-Degree Program student Catherine Carey '17 was awarded The Mazilu Engineering Research Fellowship for 2017–2018. Carey is majoring in environmental science at Colby College and spent her junior year at Thayer. The award will support Carey's work with Dartmouth engineering professor Amro Farid toward improving and optimizing energy and water systems.

Catherine Carey

Catherine Carey '17

"I am grateful for this opportunity to analyze energy and water infrastructure systems through the Mazilu Fellowship," says Carey. "I appreciate the fellowship committee's recognizing this important question of the ways in which energy and water influence one another. Studying environmental science and engineering makes this an especially exciting topic for me. Dr. Farid's work on the energy-water nexus is greatly improving our understanding of how energy and water systems can be coupled in efficient or synergistic ways. I look forward to working with the [Laboratory for Intelligent Integrated Networks of Engineering Systems] LIINES to analyze patterns in the generalized energy and water systems in order to inform a better arrangement of infrastructure."

"The Mazilu Fellowship gives aspiring engineers the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and pursue their curiosity in academic research," says Professor Farid. "Catherine came to my lab with a desire to bridge the gap between her environmental sciences knowledge of the natural environment and her engineering knowledge of the built environment. I’m very happy that she will have the opportunity to pursue that goal with her energy-water nexus research."

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