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Student Awarded 2020–21 Mazilu Engineering Research Fellowship

Jul 23, 2020   |   by Catha Mayor Lamm

AB/BE candidate Jason Liu '21 was awarded the Mazilu Engineering Research Fellowship for 2020–2021. The award will support Liu's work with Dartmouth Engineering professor Fiona Li on safer and more efficient battery systems.

Jason Liu '21

Jason Liu '21

"I am honored to be this year’s Mazilu Fellow to tackle the challenges of electrochemical energy storage," says Liu. "Fast growing industries involving mobile electronic devices, electric vehicles, and renewable energy generation require stricter performance and safety guidelines for batteries of the future. Professor Li’s work on synthesizing solid electrolytes to develop safe, cost-effective, and high-energy solid-state batteries tackles these demands and has inspired me to delve into the world of energy storage.

"I am very grateful for the Mazilu family and fellowship committee for providing opportunities to Thayer students like me, who strive to contribute to the sustainable and technological revolutions of today. With how impactful advancements in energy storage can be for our growing energy-consuming society, I am excited to work on improving the fabrication of solid electrolytes for solid-state batteries under Professor Li’s guidance with the electrical and energy engineering skills I have developed at Thayer."

"We are very grateful to the Mazilu family for providing us the opportunity to conduct this innovative research towards the development of the next-generation high-energy and safe battery system," says Professor Li. "Jason has showed great motivation and capability in conducting independent research and I very much look forward to working with him on this project."

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