2024 Investiture Information

Energy Materials Research

Energy materials research is within the overall program area of energy engineering at Dartmouth aimed at increasing the efficiency of energy conversion, storage, transmission, and utilization, accelerating the transition to sustainable energy sources, and improving access to and management of energy systems.

Materials play a critical role in energy production, storage, utilization, and sustainability. These include high-temperature alloys for power plants, semiconductor materials for solar panels, magnetic materials for wind turbines, battery materials for energy storage, and optoelectronic materials for energy-efficient data centers, to name a few. Through the investigation of structure-property relationship, fundamental materials science leads to the discovery of new materials that boost the efficiency of energy systems and the deployment of renewable energy sources.

Research Subfields

Energy storage, harvesting, and conversion

High-temperature materials

Magnetic materials

Nuclear fuel materials

Optoelectronic/nanophotonic materials

Solar and thermophotovoltaic cells

Thermoelectric materials