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Meet Dartmouth's Newest Faculty Members

Mar 29, 2022   |   Dartmouth News

Twenty-eight teacher-scholars have joined the faculty this year — including seven in engineering — bringing with them a wide array of expertise and research talent.

"Dartmouth's newest faculty are top scholars who are working to advance the bounds of human knowledge in crucial fields of study. This cohort will inspire and teach their students to become responsible leaders and global citizens."

Provost David Kotz '86

Hui Fang

Associate Professor of Engineering

  • BS, Tsinghua University 
  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley

I enjoy teaching and researching innovative materials, structures, and devices as solutions to address various grand challenges facing humanity, especially in biology and medicine. My current research concentrates on multi-functional materials and devices for implantable neurotechnologies.

Faculty profile

Britt Goods Th'11

Assistant Professor of Engineering

  • BA, Colby College 
  • BE, Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering
  • PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

The goal of my research is to solve problems at the intersection of engineering, the immune system, and reproductive health. The long-term goal of my work is to improve the lives of people by building a better understanding of immunology and reproductive tissues and translating those insights into therapeutics, diagnostics, and novel ways of both studying and monitoring reproductive and overall health.

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Katie Hixon

Assistant Professor of Engineering

  • BS, University of Iowa
  • PhD, Saint Louis University

My lab focuses on biomedical engineering/craniofacial surgery and conducting cutting-edge research utilizing models of craniofacial anomalies to drive the development of novel tissue engineering/regenerative medicine therapies. I am excited for the opportunity to create a rich and inclusive learning environment for students who truly represent the future of research.

Faculty profile

Klaus Keller

Hodgson Distinguished Professor of Engineering

  • MS, Massachusetts Institute Technology
  • Dipl-Ing, Technischer Umweltschutz, Technische Universität Berlin
  • MA, Princeton University
  • PhD, Princeton University

My research addresses two interrelated questions. First, how can we mechanistically understand past and potentially predict future changes in the Earth system? Second, how can we use this information to design sustainable, scientifically sound, technologically feasible, economically efficient, and ethically defensible risk management strategies? I analyze these questions by mission-oriented basic research covering a wide range of disciplines such as engineering, earth sciences, economics, philosophy, decision science, and statistics.

Faculty profile

Wesley Marrero

Assistant Professor of Engineering

  • BS, University of Turabo 
  • MS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • MA, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

My research interest lies at the intersection of operations research and statistics with an emphasis on stochastic simulation and optimization to support decision-making in practice. My current work addresses various application areas, including substance use disorder, cardiovascular disease, and organ transplantation. Through my research, I have ongoing collaborations with the Massachusetts General Hospital, the University of Michigan Medical School, the University of Michigan School of Public Health, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Faculty profile

Erin Mayfield

Hodgson Family Assistant Professor of Engineering

  • BS, Rutgers University 
  • MS, Johns Hopkins University
  • PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

As a sustainable systems engineer and policy researcher, I study energy system transitions in the context of climate change. I focus on three research themes — multiobjective modeling, intergenerational and social equity of infrastructure systems, and mitigation and adaptation planning. My research is interdisciplinary, drawing from the fields of environmental science and engineering, data science, and public policy. My research aims to develop computational decision support tools to address real-world problems and inform public decision-making.

Faculty profile

Helene Seroussi

Associate Professor of Engineering

  • ME, École Centrale Paris
  • PhD, École Centrale Paris

My research interests are focused on better understanding and explaining ongoing changes in the cryosphere, as well as reducing uncertainties in the ice sheet contribution to sea-level rise using numerical modeling. I am interested in understanding the interactions of ice and climate by combining process studies, state-of-the-art numerical modeling with remote sensing, and in situ data.

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