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Dartmouth Engineer Magazine: Fall 2022

Dartmouth Engineer Fall 2022 cover

In this Issue

The challenge of assessing risks and prioritizing solutions to climate change, a new auroral radar network in Iceland, and an in-depth interview with the Chair of Dartmouth's Board of Trustees. Plus Dean Alexis Abramson's Leading Thoughts, news, and more.

Leading Thoughts

Professor Erin Mayfield and Dean Alexis Abramson

"From Climate Science to Climate Policy"

DEAN ALEXIS ABRAMSON: Last August, as the US Congress passed the nation's most significant climate change infrastructure legislation to date, I knew I had to talk with Professor Mayfield, whose rapid energy modeling work directly informed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). A specialist in energy systems and modeling, she shares how her team shaped important provisions in the almost $370-billion investment in energy security and climate change programs. READ MORE»


Bridge Builder

Klaus Keller

Professor Klaus Keller brings together researchers, decision-makers, and communities to create smarter, more equitable solutions to climate change. READ MORE»

SuperDARN in Iceland

SuperDARN in Iceland

Professor Simon Shepherd is leading a team of scientists and students to build the latest addition to the international Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN). READ MORE»

Top of Her Game

Liz Lempres

Dartmouth Trustee Chair Liz Lempres '83 Th'84 on opening the door to leadership. READ MORE»

Great Hall

Transforming Clean Energy Technology

Geoffroy Hautier

Dartmouth Engineering professors are part of a $540-million US Department of Energy push to advance clean-energy technologies. READ MORE»

A Network Plan for eTaxis

United eTaxi

If they build them—electric vertical-take-and-landing (eVTOL) vehicles—will people come? Professor Vikrant Vaze believes the answer is a qualified yes. READ MORE»

Farewell to Longtime Faculty Hansen & Levey

Chris Levey

Professors Eric Hansen and Christopher Levey retired this year. READ MORE»

Welcome Three New Faculty

Three New Faculty

Three new faculty—Professors Eric Bish, Peter Chin, and Mattias Fitzpatrick—joined Thayer during the summer term. READ MORE»

Lab Report: Making Water Safer


Professor Emily Asenath-Smith has developed new materials that use solar energy to remove harmful dissolved contaminants from water. READ MORE»

New I-Corps Hub Supports Innovation

I-Corps Hub

Dartmouth Engineers have joined nine universities to form a new National Science Foundation (NSF) funded effort to bring education and workforce training to rural, economically underserved communities. READ MORE»

Analyzing Energy Use in Cannabis Cultivation

Jason Carpio

In the first-ever independent study of energy efficiency in the cannabis industry, a team of engineering students revealed the potential to reduce energy demands and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent. READ MORE»

Energy Awareness by Design

Irving Mural

Celebrating new Goldwater Scholars, faculty and student awards, publications, and more. READ MORE»

Kudos: Honors and Awards

Celebrating new Goldwater Scholars, faculty and student awards, publications, and more. READ MORE»

Alumni News

Thayer Notes

Notes and news from Dartmouth Engineering alumni

Obituaries: Fall 2022

Remembering our Dartmouth Engineering alumni and friends

Spotlights on Alumni

Ryan Halter and Alicia Everitt

A round-up of spotlight news on Dartmouth Engineering alumni. READ MORE»

In Memoriam: John Ballard

John Ballard

Longtime Thayer Board member John W. Ballard '55 Tu'55 Th'55 gave tirelessly to Dartmouth. "We knew a lively and loving leader." READ MORE»

On the Job: Peter May-Ostendorp '03 Th'04

Peter May-Ostendorp

After 15 years improving energy efficiency in buildings, May-Ostendorp recently switched to the supply side of energy at startup Terabase Energy. READ MORE»

On the Job: Mara Bishop Winn Th'01

Mara Bishop Winn

Her latest role is with the US Department of Homeland Security as associate director for planning and coordination at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. READ MORE»


Sustainable Prototyping

MShop operations manager Lee Schuette and Director of Sustainability Rosi Kerr '97 are developing a course titled "Sustainable Methods of Design Prototyping." It's one of five interdisciplinary projects funded by the Design Initiative at Dartmouth (DIAD) for the coming year. READ MORE»

Lee Schuette

First Look

Bonfire Save

Back in 2018, when faced with the prospect of losing the permit for Dartmouth's Homecoming bonfire due to ongoing safety issues, the College turned to engineering Professor Doug Van Citters '99 Th'03 Th'06 to help save a long-cherished tradition. "The re-engineered bonfire had to not only be appropriate for students to build while retaining its majesty but also fall in a more predictable fashion, despite nature’s unpredictability," says Van Citters. He built prototype after prototype to arrive at the current model. During the last week of October, for the fourth consecutive year, students followed Van Citters' bonfire manual to stack 290 6-inch-by-8-foot timbers to a height of 28 feet, with an additional 8 feet of first-year class numerals at the top, and fill the center with 650 pallets. The result? Another bonfire to collapse safely, as predicted. "Homecoming is bigger than any one experience, and this tradition is an example of building community," says Van Citters. "Also, nobody can beat me at Jenga anymore." (Photo by Christopher P. Johnson)

Back Cover

Spotlight on Innovation & Technology

A West End light show welcomed the campus community, alumni, tech visionaries, and entrepreneurs to the inaugural Dartmouth Innovation & Technology Festival in May. The three-day event included panel discussions ranging from artificial intelligence to wearable technology, a Dartmouth Formula Racing showcase, and opportunities to create with faculty and students in a new makerspace. (Photo by Chris Turner)