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Farewell to Longtime Faculty Hansen & Levey

Dec 01, 2022   |   Dartmouth Engineer

Professors Eric Hansen (l) and Christopher Levey (r) retired this year.

(Photos by Douglas Fraser)

When Hansen joined the Dartmouth Engineering faculty in 1979 and began teaching electrical engineering in the early 1980s, the tech world was captivated by the debut of the personal computer and the intricate microprocessors that made them possible. He developed—and redeveloped—the digital electronics course many times over as technology advanced. Hansen most recently served as director of the Partner-School Dual-Degree Program, where he oversaw a partnership with 20 liberal arts colleges for students studying engineering at Dartmouth.  

Levey joined the Dartmouth faculty in 1986 and oversaw both labs and projects spaces that exemplified hands-on, project-based learning at Thayer. He was the director of safety and instructional laboratories since 1998, overseeing Couch Project Lab and the Machine Shop and guiding the space use and design of the MacLean Engineering Sciences Center and the new Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center. In the Microengineering Laboratory, he and his team were the first to develop the world's smallest untethered mobile robots.

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