Systems Modeling & Optimization Research

Systems modeling and optimization research is part of the overall program area of mechanical, operations, and systems engineering (MOSE) at Dartmouth, viewing the world as a series of interconnected systems and using this approach to solve complex problems of the modern world—from climate change, to sustainable energy, to pandemics.

Multi-component systems—such as communication networks, industrial processes, interacting teams of robots, and influences on human behavior—can produce unexpected emergent properties that make the overall system tough to model.

"Many of the systems we are building, the human user and social aspects of those systems are really critical. Being able to incorporate the human as part of the engineering system will be even more important as we move ahead.” —George Cybenko, Dorothy and Walter Gramm Professor of Engineering

Research Subfields

Autonomous robot teams

Cognitive decision processes

Decision making

Healthcare analytics

Human-computer interaction

Market structure and performance

Software agent systems

Sound wave propagation