Engineered Systems for Extreme & Changing Environments Research

Engineered systems for extreme and changing environments research is part of the overall program area of mechanical, operations, and systems engineering (MOSE) at Dartmouth, viewing the world as a series of interconnected systems and using this approach to solve complex problems of the modern world—from climate change, to sustainable energy, to pandemics.

Rapid biological, physical, chemical, and social changes in a variety of the world's regions are fundamentally altering climate, weather, and ecosystems with profound global impacts. Now is an unprecedented time to use new technologies to investigate previously inaccessible realms and form international partnerships. Recent research involves scientific traverses across Antarctica, expeditions in the Arctic, and ice coring in both polar regions.

Research Subfields

Arctic ecosystem dynamics

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

High-resolution mapping

Sustainability, resilience, and reconfigurability

Terrain identification

Transport and dispersion of environmental contamination