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Dartmouth Engineer Magazine: Spring 2022

cover of dartmouth engineer spring 2022 issue

In this Issue

A deeper look inside the new Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center and the transformation of Dartmouth's West End into a new hub for innovation and discovery. Plus Dean Alexis Abramson's Leading Thoughts, news, and more.


Building on Innovation

The Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center (ECSC) has transformed Dartmouth’s West End into a new hub for innovation. READ MORE»

FLOOR-BY-FLOOR: Explore floor-by-floor what goes on inside the new Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center.

Leading Thoughts

ackerman abramson

"A Rich Intellectual Climate"

DEAN ALEXIS ABRAMSON |The new Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center is doing more than transforming the look of the West End—it is expanding Dartmouth Engineering's capacity for innovative research and interdisciplinary learning. Dean Alexis Abramson spoke to Professor Margie Ackerman, program area lead for biological and chemical engineering, about her research and how the new building will enable further opportunities for human-centered impact. READ MORE»

Great Hall

Design Initiative at Dartmouth

The Design Initiative at Dartmouth (DIAD) is helping faculty harness the power of design, engineering, and liberal arts for new insights. READ MORE»

Capturing Evolution: One Pixel at a Time

galapagos camera

Professor Eric Fossum led alumni to the Galápagos, where travelers captured memories with technology invented by Fossum himself. READ MORE»

Probe to Revolutionize Brain Research

Probe Hui Fang

Professor Hui Fang is developing next generation neural probes to help revolutionize how researchers study the human brain. READ MORE»

Team Transforms Specialized Ceramics

Yan Li

Professor Yan Li and her research team have developed a flexible, energy-efficient approach to fabricating durable ceramic composites. READ MORE»

Surgical Camera Pinpoints Tumors

petr bruza holds camera

Dartmouth and Swiss researchers have developed a surgical camera that can image and measure shape and location of deep-seated tumors. READ MORE»

New Printing Process for Solar Tech

graph - perovskite scheidler huddy

Dartmouth engineers have developed the quickest manufacturing method for perovskite solar cells used to harness and convert solar energy. READ MORE»

Kudos: Honors and Awards

Celebrating new prototypes out of the “Introduction to Engineering" course, faculty and student awards, publications, and more. READ MORE»

Welcome: New Engineering Faculty

Dartmouth Engineering welcomed three new faculty — Katie Hixon (pictured), Klaus Keller, and Wesley Marrero — this January. READ MORE»

Alumni News

Thayer Notes

Notes and news from Dartmouth Engineering alumni

Obituaries: Spring 2022

Remembering our Dartmouth Engineering alumni and friends

Spotlight on Alumni

fran wang

A round-up of spotlight news on Dartmouth Engineering alumni. READ MORE»

In Memoriam: John Currier

John Currier '79 Th'81 was a research engineer whose work included the famed Mobile Virtual Player. READ MORE»

On the Job: Max Fagin

Max Fagin Th'11 is an aerospace systems engineer who has designed space vehicles for NASA, SpaceX, and now Blue Origins. READ MORE»

On the Job: Hannah Murnen

hannah murnen

Hannah Murnen '06 Th'07 is leading Activate Anywhere's efforts to enable science entrepreneurs to bring innovations to market. READ MORE»

On the Job: Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy '04 Th'06 adjusted quickly to the pandemic-driven exponential growth of telehealth services. READ MORE»


Sensing the Ecosystem

Engineering and studio arts major Emma Hazard '22 helped install, program, and maintain a network of sensors in Corinth, Vt. under attack from the invasive emerald ash borer. Her work taker to the compuer, the workbench, the woodland, and requires complex understanding of engineering computing, environmental science, and ecology. READ MORE»