Academic Prizes & Awards

Most awards are presented at the annual Investiture ceremony, while some, such as the Jackson Award, are announced during the academic term.

Brieanna S. Weinstein Engineering Design Prize

Awarded annually to recognize a student or student team for demonstrating outstanding design skill in developing or creating new technologies, systems, or adaptive devices to address the needs and challenges of people (particularly children or adolescents) with physical or developmental disabilities.

Caroline Henderson Prize

Awarded annually to the outstanding MEM degree candidate in recognition of academic achievement and service. This prize was established in 2002 in memory of Professor Caroline Henderson, who was instrumental in the development of the Master of Engineering Management program.

Charles F. and Ruth D. Goodrich Prize

Awarded annually to a second-year Thayer student in recognition of outstanding achievement, with special emphasis on academic achievement. The prize was established in 1949 in the names of the donors. Dr. Goodrich 1905 Th1906 was President of the Dartmouth Society of Engineers from 1923 to 1929 and an Overseer of Thayer School from 1941 to 1956.

Corporate Collaboration Council Engineering Management Prize

Awarded annually for outstanding performance in the ENGG 390 internship and project by an MEM degree candidate.

Dean's Service Award

For honors students who have made exceptional contributions to Thayer School, Dartmouth College, or the broader world. It was established by the leadership of Thayer School in recognition of Sylvanus Thayer’s vision that the School “prepare the most capable and faithful for the most responsible positions and the most difficult service.” Recipients are selected from nominations made by members—faculty, students, and staff—of the Thayer School community.

Dartmouth Engineering Prize for Graduate Research Excellence

Awarded annually to a graduating PhD student at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth who has demonstrated outstanding research excellence during their graduate study. Selection is by the Prize Committee based on nominations by faculty, with a second reference letter from inside or outside of Dartmouth. Only one prize winner will be selected per year, and the winner is not eligible for the Strohbehn Prize.

Dartmouth Society of Engineers Prize

Awarded annually for outstanding performance in an engineering project by a Bachelor of Engineering student or team of students. The award is funded by the Dartmouth Society of Engineers and was established in 1928.

Faculty Award for Academic Excellence

Awarded annually to the student who has obtained the highest academic record in coursework required for the Bachelor of Engineering degree. The award was established by vote of the faculty in May 1980 and is supported by individual faculty members.

John C. Woodhouse Engineering Design Prize

Awarded annually to a Thayer student who has shown innovation and ingenuity in developing the most inexpensive but effective experimental equipment for the student’s thesis research. The award was established in October 1988. Mr. Woodhouse was a former Thayer School Overseer and Dartmouth Trustee.

John C. Woodhouse Environmental Engineering Prize

Awarded annually to the undergraduate or graduate student (or a team of students) for the best work in the field of environmental study or research. The award was established in November 1989. Mr. Woodhouse was a former Thayer School Overseer and Dartmouth Trustee.

John W. Strohbehn, PhD, Memorial Prize

Awarded annually to a student in recognition of outstanding performance in engineering in medicine. It was established in 2014 by Mrs. Barbara Strohbehn to honor her late husband, Professor John W. Strohbehn, “Father of Biomedical Engineering” at Thayer School, 1963–1994.

Phillip R. Jackson Award

Named after and established by the former Thayer Board of Overseers member — is given each quarter to the student group with the best overall performance in Introduction to Engineering (ENGS 21) as determined by the Review Board which applies the following criteria:

  • societal importance of the selected problem
  • user-centric design considerations
  • sophistication of the design and degree of difficulty
  • functionality of the prototype, its documentation and testing
  • holistic approach to the engineering design process
  • consistent outstanding performance on both written and oral milestones

Richard W. Olmsted 1932 (Thayer 1933) Prize

Awarded annually to a Dartmouth senior recognizing outstanding performance in the engineering sciences major.

Don Stayner Th’16 Changemaker Award

Renamed in 2023 in memory of Donald “Don” Stayner Th'16, who earned what was formerly the Special Faculty Award for Engineering and Service to Humanity, the purpose of the award is to annually recognize a student or team of students in any degree program for exemplary achievement related to the application of engineering in service to society at Thayer School of Engineering.