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Meet Dartmouth's New Faculty

Apr 03, 2012   |   by Kelly Sundberg Seaman   |   Dartmouth Now

Twenty-four scholars—in fields including economics, history, government, Spanish and Portuguese, computer science and earth science—joined the Dartmouth faculty of arts and sciences this academic year, launching their courses and establishing their research programs.

Jason Stauth and Ulrike Wegst

Jason Stauth and Ulrike Wegst

“Each year,” says Michael Mastanduno, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Nelson A. Rockefeller Professor of Government, “our new colleagues enrich and enliven the Dartmouth community. Their leading-edge research, their commitment to their students, and their willingness to collaborate with colleagues both in their departments and across disciplinary boundaries keep Dartmouth moving forward.”

Thayer School of Engineering,* the Tuck School of Business, and Dartmouth Medical School (DMS) welcomed new tenured and tenure-track faculty as well.

Farran Briggs ’97, assistant professor of physiology, is one of three faculty members returning as researchers and teachers to their alma mater, including Alan Covey ’96, associate professor of anthropology, and Jason Stauth, Thayer ’00, assistant professor of engineering.

Stauth joined Thayer School’s faculty alongside Associate Professor of Engineering Ulirke Wegst. Dartmouth Engineer magazine profiles Stauth and Wegst in its Winter 2012 issue.

* Engineering faculty hold dual appointments from both Thayer School and the faculty of arts and sciences.

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