Process Simulation Research

Process simulation research is part of the overall program area of biological and chemical engineering (B&CE) at Dartmouth, using fundamental principles of biology, chemistry, and mathematics to invent bio-inspired systems, circuits, and processes as well as biotherapies and biofuels.

B&CE faculty are committed to building research and educational communities that are high-achieving, impactful, collaborative, and inclusive.

The design of processes featuring chemical and/or biochemical transformations involves integration of unit operations, simulation of system performance, sensitivity analysis, and system-level optimization, with additional attention paid to process economics. Active projects at Dartmouth include fermentation processes for bio-therapeutics and innovative biomass processing technologies.

Our collective research activities can be mapped onto a landscape defined by both impact (health and energy), and scale (molecular, cellular, and systems).

Research Subfields

biomass processing technologies

fermentation processes for bio-therapeutics

reactor analysis and design

process design for feedstocks, land use, environmental protection, and economic development

unit operations and process concepts