2024 Investiture Information

Metabolic Engineering Research

Metabolic engineering research is part of the overall program area of biological and chemical engineering (B&CE) at Dartmouth, using fundamental principles of biology, chemistry, and mathematics to invent bio-inspired systems, circuits, and processes as well as biotherapies and biofuels.

B&CE faculty are committed to building research and educational communities that are high-achieving, impactful, collaborative, and inclusive.

Metabolic engineering combines aspects of chemical engineering, systems biology and synthetic biology. Researchers study enzyme activity, mass balance, and thermodynamics using key genetic and computational techniques, including CRISPR, COBRA and Equilibrator. Active projects at Dartmouth include enzyme therapeutics, cell-based protein purification systems, and improving the properties and performance of bacteria for production of cellulosic biofuels.

Our collective research activities can be mapped onto a landscape defined by both impact (health and energy), and scale (molecular, cellular, and systems).

Research Subfields

Cell-based protein purification systems

Enzyme therapeutics

Genetic manipulation of anaerobic bacteria