2024 Investiture Information

Mechanical Behavior of Structural Materials Research

Mechanical behavior of structural materials research is part of the overall program area of materials science and engineering (MSE) at Dartmouth supporting discovery in fundamental applied engineering as well as translational science in areas such as ice physics, nano- and bio-materials, energy harvesting and storage, and materials modeling.

Increasing our fundamental understanding of structural materials leads to advances in manufacturing, construction, energy systems, medicine, and environmental science, to name just a few. Research focused on ice- and polar-related phenomena can not only facilitate planning for a more resilient future but also be applicable to metals, ceramics and other crystalline materials. Improving the durability of mechanical components and developing advanced composite materials—as well as better understanding the role of mechanical forces and shape engineering—can have significant economic ramifications throughout industry, particularly in the energy, manufacturing, medical and transportation sectors.

Research Subfields

Composite material systems

Deformation and fracture mechanics

Glaciology and climate

Intermetallic compounds

Polymer wear and processing

Snow, firn and ice physics

Thin structure mechanics