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Energy Systems Research

Energy systems research is within the overall program area of energy engineering at Dartmouth aimed at increasing the efficiency of energy conversion, storage, transmission, and utilization, accelerating the transition to sustainable energy sources, and improving access to and management of energy systems.

Systems research involves a holistic approach to a class of systems characterized by a high degree of technical complexity, social intricacy and elaborate processes aimed at fulfilling important functions in society. At their core, engineering systems integrate multiple technologies which often exhibit complex dynamics at multiple time scales. These dynamics necessitate the need for similarly complex layers of control, decision, and information technologies so that they may sustainably, reliably, and economically deliver their intended services.

Research Subfields

Smart power grids

Energy platforms

Energy internet-of-things


The food-energy-water nexus

Electrified transportation systems

Industrial energy management

Integrated smart city infrastructures

Big data analytics

Multisector dynamics