2024 Investiture Information

Biomaterials Research

Biomaterials research is part of the overall program area of materials science and engineering (MSE) at Dartmouth supporting discovery in fundamental applied engineering as well as translational science in areas such as ice physics, nano- and bio-materials, energy harvesting and storage, and materials modeling.

Advances in biomaterials facilitate biomedical research and inspire novel designs for implantable and bio-inspired devices. Research focused on orthopedic implants strives to optimize materials for weight, strength, formability, customization, and cost. Material-specific testing of implant retrievals is done to assess and understand changes that occur in vivo as part of the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes. Work toward better synthetic tissue substitutes is also ongoing with the challenge of developing materials that mimic both the structure and mechanical performance of natural tissue and permit strong tissue-implant interfaces.

Research Subfields

Biomimetic materials and devices

Orthopaedic implant analysis and behavior

Tissue engineering