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Valley News

A Life: Christopher Bustard, 1988–2022

A feature story remembering the life of Chris Bustard '10 Th'11 Th'14. "He really loved being a father," his wife, Kate Lyon '05 said. "He just had much joy in the little things that they would do together."

Aug 21, 2023


Water beneath glaciers may surge due to thinning ice sheets

Features a study published in Science Advances co-authored by Professor Colin Meyer suggesting there may be up to twice the amount of subglacial water flowing into the oceans than previously thought.

Aug 21, 2023

El Comercio

"We teach how to think, not what to think."

President Sian Beilock and Dean Alexis Abramson discuss artificial intelligence, human-centered engineering, and other education topics during a Dartmouth delegation visit to Lima, Peru. (Links to translated PDF)

Aug 16, 2023


2023 Platform Strategy Summit Report

At the recent Platform Strategy Summit held in-person at MIT, co-leaders Peter Evans, Geoff Parker, and Marshall VanAlstyne, offered technology and industry trends to watch.

Jul 13, 2023

The Virginian-Pilot

Finding Her Passion: Alumna Strives to Make Health Care More Accessible

Features PhD alumna Brook Byrd Th’23, on her desire to make health care more accessible in medical physics about the experience that taught her "so much more about the world, and gave me a greater sense of empathy, cultural humility, and a wider lens to see the world through."

Jul 05, 2023

PV Magazine

By 2035 IRA will drive $200 billion in solar wages

A report that Professor Erin Mayfield has been an integral part of with Dartmouth and Princeton researchers about solar and wind projects in the Inflation Reduction Act is featured in the story

Jun 12, 2023


US-made wind and solar components are now cheaper than imports

Research conducted by scientists at Dartmouth and Princeton, including Professor Erin Mayfield, is highlighted in this article about the Inflation Reduction Act, which contains tax breaks for solar and wind companies to buy American equipment.

Jun 12, 2023


Tesla’s Supercharger Strategy Starts a Winning Streak

Geoffrey Parker, the Charles E. Hutchinson '68A Professor of Engineering Innovation, is quoted in an article about Tesla’s business strategy of establishing a charging network. “They got it early, and they were willing to spend billions of dollars."

Jun 09, 2023

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