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Nature Communications

A good-for-something second brain

Mentions Professor Brian Pogue to introduce an essay by Rachael Hachadorian Th'21 describing the highs and lows of taking a research project from hypothesis to publication. "The vast majority of my research motivation comes from a gratitude, almost a debt, that I feel I owe to medical doctors," writes Hachadorian.

Jan 03, 2024


Coursera's CEO says leveraging AI in online learning is key to a more accessible, flexible education experience in 2024

Dartmouth's new online master's degree in computer engineering is mentioned in an article about leveraging AI in the online learning sphere.

Jan 02, 2024

The Coursera Podcast

Making Ivy League Degrees More Accessible

Dean Alexis Abramson describes how she and her team created Dartmouth's first fully online degree—a Master of Engineering in computer engineering—offering unprecedented access to an Ivy League degree in a rapidly evolving field.

Dec 20, 2023


Why Rural Americans Are (and Aren't) Adopting Renewable Energy

Professor Erin Mayfield is quoted about her study of a correlation between the adoption of clean energy tech in rural areas and a few key demographic factors. "We were able to find that adoption of these technologies is highly related to income [and education]," Mayfield said.

Nov 22, 2023

Working Nation

One Ivy League college hopes to broaden career access with the first online master’s degree in engineering program

Dean Alexis Abramson is featured highlighting Dartmouth's partnership with Coursera to launch a fully online MEng degree. "We have a distinctive approach...We attract a lot of women and historically marginalized populations to the engineering program...and really wanted to reach a broader audience."

Nov 09, 2023


The Knowledge Base: Dartmouth Takes a Human-Centered Approach

Dean Alexis Abramson is interviewed on this podcast about how the ethos of Thayer differs from other schools. "We encourage our students to take philosophy, anthropology, English, and studio art. We want them to figure out how to integrate those learnings into engineering. We're all about bringing all that together," says Abramson.

Nov 02, 2023

The Dartmouth

Transportation Services to expand electric vehicle initiatives

Professor Vikrant Vaze is quoted in a story about initiatives to increase electric vehicle usage on campus. "I think [EVs] are challenging right now [due to] the costs involved. You can't just ask a lay person to put in the $50,000 or $100,000 and then buy a new car. There has to be other ways of incentivizing this."

Oct 23, 2023


Women Leaders at Six Top Research Universities Urge More Diversity in Semiconductor Workforce

Dean Alexis Abramson is featured in an article about the EDGE Consortium, an initiative aimed at increasing diversity in microelectronics, being launched by the women presidents and engineering deans at six universities. "We wanted people with a real commitment to increasing diversity," Abramson said.

Oct 20, 2023

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