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Burlington Free Press

Vermont 'Tech Hub' working on proposal to land $35 million in federal funding

Professor Charles Sullivan is mentioned as a co-founder of Resonant Link, "the South Burlington-based company that makes wireless charging systems for industrial applications and medical devices ... the GaN device being proposed by Resonant Link serves as an example of what the Vermont GaN Tech Hub will be able to produce when it's up and running."

Feb 07, 2024

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Teaching Evaluations Are Broken. Can They Be Fixed?

Professor Eugene Korsunskiy is quoted in an article about how to identify and measure effective teaching, that notes Dartmouth's participation in the AAU STEM Demo Projects. "Our thesis here is that teaching is more about a series of learnable skills than any sort of magic talent or trait that some people have and some people don't. But it's hard to specifically articulate exactly what are those skills," says Korsunskiy.

Feb 06, 2024


Permafrost alone holds back Arctic rivers—and a lot of carbon

Professor Colin Meyer is featured in an article about his research published in PNAS that provides evidence that the Arctic's permafrost is the dominant force shaping Earth's northernmost rivers and how melting permafrost may release carbon into the atmosphere.

Feb 01, 2024

Ivey Business Journal

Solving the Globalization Puzzle

Professor Geoffrey Parker co-authored this piece on how companies take strategic steps to hedge against future threats to their value networks.

Feb 01, 2024

MIT Sloan Management Review

Why Manufacturers Need a Phased Approach to Digital Transformation

Professor Geoffrey Parker co-authored an opinion piece about the difficulties of digital transformations. "Digital transformation for manufacturing differs substantially from transforming IT services or implementing e-commerce, because it requires combining the staged integration of physical assets with digital technologies," Parker writes.

Jan 31, 2024

Valley News

A pipeline that can mitigate global warming?

Professor Dan Olson authored a column about "the development of new pipeline projects, this time to transport CO2 for long-term storage in underground rock formations," and how "these pipelines may be critical to help prevent climate change."

Jan 26, 2024

The New Yorker

How Much of the World Is It Possible to Model?

An opinion piece by Dan Rockmore, professor of mathematics and computer science, credits professors David Roberts and Keith Paulsen Th'84 Th'86 with an example of how common mathematical modeling now is. "Today, descendants of the Roberts and Paulsen model are routinely used to plan neurosurgeries. Modelling, in general, is now routine," writes Rockmore.

Jan 15, 2024


Why the S&P 500 is destined to keep crushing the Russell 2000

Professor Geoffrey Parker is cited in an article about a 'winner-take-all' economy. Parker argues alongside Thomas Noe of Oxford University that so-called "network effects" in an internet economy would increasingly result in industries being dominated by their largest companies

Jan 04, 2024

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