MEng: Energy Engineering

Energy engineering aims to increase the efficiency of energy conversion, storage, transmission and utilization, to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy sources, and to improve access to and management of energy systems. This track is for engineers who want to add depth to or acquire new specialized knowledge in energy engineering in energy technologies, systems, challenges, and opportunities.

In This Section

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Course Requirements

Core Courses (all five courses)

Electives (choose four, from the following)

The recommended courses listed here are for students who seek additional courses that allow for further depth of study in their chosen track.


Any graduate-level engineering sciences courses, including:

Design Project

Students enrolled in the design project elective may take the following three-course sequence to partially fulfill the four-course elective requirement.


Any graduate-level science course, including:

  • COSC 170: Numerical and Computational Tools for Applied Science
  • COSC 184: Mathematical Optimization and Modeling
  • COSC 271: Numerical Linear Algebra
  • COSC 274: Machine Learning and Statistical Data Analysis