ENGS 91: Numerical Methods in Computation


19F: 12

Optional: Numerical Analysis; Burden; PWS; 0538733519; 10th Edition (Any edition 7 and up is fine.)


ENGS 20 or COSC 1 and COSC 10; ENGS 22 or MATH 23, or equivalent



Identical to COSC 71

Can be used to satisfy graduate degree requirements

A study and analysis of important numerical and computational methods for solving engineering and scientific problems. The course will include methods for solving linear and nonlinear equations, doing polynomial interpolation, evaluating integrals, solving ordinary differential equations, and determining eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices. The student will be required to write and run computer programs. ENGS 91 may not be used by mathematics or computer science majors in partial satisfaction of the distributive requirement.