ENGS 173 - Energy Utilization


Industrial societies are presently powered primarily by fossil fuels. Continuing to supply energy at the rate it is now used will be problematic, regardless of the mix of fossil fuels and alternatives that is used; yet western consumption patterns spreading through the rest of the world and other trends portend large increases in demand for energy services. Increased energy efficiency will be essential for meeting these challenges, both to reduce fossil-fuel consumption and to make significant reliance on alternatives feasible. Technical issues in efficient systems for energy utilization will be surveyed across major uses, with in-depth technical analysis of critical factors determining possible, practical, and economical efficiency improvements in both present technology and potential future developments. Areas addressed include lighting, motors and drive systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, transportation, appliances and electronics.


ENGS 22 and at least two of the following: ENGS 25, ENGS 32, ENGS 34, ENGS 44, ENGS 52, ENGS 76, ENGS 104, ENGS 125, ENGS 150, ENGS 155, ENGS 156, and ENGM 184, or permission. ENGS 25 is strongly recommended


Previously ENGG 173